5 (More) Ways To Wear Brights

how to wear brights
I know I've mentioned before that if asked a few years ago if I'd style up the neon trend I probably would've laughed and immediately said no. And while it took me a while to warm up to and move out of my typical new york black comfort zone, I don't ever really see myself going back. Me + Color, have become a happy family, so much so that I have five more ways to style them up for summer...

How do you wear brights?

1. Layer Yourself With Neon
how to wear neon for summer
 2. Pick A Neon Infused Print...
how to wear color
 3. DIY Your Own Neon Accessories, Like these Jimmy Choo Look-a-likes
diy neon ombre
 4. Bright Separates 
how to style neon
4. Head To Toe Bright