This Week

As another week passes by I get to look forward to yet another weekend full of catching up on rest and work, somehow I'm suffering from a shortage of both lately, which I can only pin on two little people that are taking up more and more of my time....
I got these Tyrrell's Hand Cooked Potato and Vegetable Chips a week ago today, and the literally lasted only a couple of days, granted they came just in time for Aiden's party but I swear I've never had a better chip, and every single one of my guests asked me how to get them so it's not just me! You.Must.Try.
 This QVC shipment made my entire summer, I'm going to have fun with all three of these!
(From Left To Right 1,2,3)
I could not resist these adorable note cards at Target today, how can you for $1?
 And these babies will be showing up next week...
Please Please Please Vote For Me, I'm way behind because of technical difficulties and voting ends Monday! 

Happy Weekend.