TfDiaries x Garment Recycling with H&M's Long Live Fashion Campaign

While I often find myself recycling my own clothing for continuous wear there’s a great number of pieces in my closet that have been neglected for what seems like ages and since I’m not one to rid myself of things, it’s become tricky. However, with H&M’s new garment collection service, my life just got a whole lot easier because the reality of it is, one should never let fashion go to waste. ever. With that being said it’s time to take a trip into my closet, and learn a little bit more about H&M’s new conscious service...

H&M Conscious involves more than just garment recycling, Want to learn more about what happens to your clothes are dropping them off at H&M? Check out for more information on taking steps to becoming more aware.

Join in by challenging yourself to fill up a bag, and snap a picture or make your very own video and tag it with #longlivefashion! Drop it off at any H&M store and you will receive 15% off an item for every bag that you donate, up to 2 bags per day. Remember, Don’t Let Fashion Go To Waste.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by H&M. All opinions are my own.