how to wear wedge sneakers
Ok, so it probably wont come as too big of a shock when I  tell you I actually don't own a pair of (real) sneakers, I mean I hate them and well I really don't need them. What are they even used for aside from the gym (and god knows I don't do that craziness)? So I imagine that's probably why it took me so long to jump on the wedge sneaker bandwagon, I mean I liked the way they looked and appreciated the going back to the 90's vibe, but really? Actually, yes really, they're actually better than I originally imaged they were and at a height of 3in, I feel like I can live with that. Now this particular sneaker wedge is from Debshops and under $40, I might actually have to go back for the nude, which is just asking for trouble. Also I may or may not have used them to take the boys on a bike ride, twice.
wedge sneakers
Jacket and Tee Target, Pants Old Navy, Sunnies D&G, Shoes & Scarf c/o Debshops, Bag c/o Debshops.
deb shop
striped jacket