Style and Inspiration

When it comes to my 'style' I always try to mix it up a little bit and can never just put myself in a lone category, is that even possible? I almost blame my Libra personality, all these choices and lacking the desire to just pick one, I mean just one is boring anyways. My inspirations come from anything and everywhere, somedays I'll find myself fashion inspired and want to play with one of the season's biggest trends, feel a touch like Carrie Bradshaw and walk out with a fluffy skirt and outlandish shoes, or be in ‘mother’ mode catching myself in flowing maxis for a more bohemian vibe. 
Pairing unusual pieces with items that wouldn’t necessarily go together has always been something I've been obsessed with doing. Taking a laid-back casual jacket and throwing it over an over the top dress or perhaps adding a bold necklace to a knit hat for a little bit of sparkle. Playing with prints and colors, adding texture to otherwise flat ensembles adds a little pep to my step, especially when vibrant shoes are involved. I've always been one to cut up a dress or sweater to make it into something more, even when when the occurrence of me ruining the poor item of clothing was the end result. My poor mom and barbies with unevenly sewn and cut up clothes. I think they got over it, well maybe not my barbies, grudges are held to this day. 

So my uniquely styled friends, what inspires your style and makes it tick?

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