DIY Beauty: L'Oréal's Féria Ombre

When I cut a huge portion of my hair off back in November along went a good part of the 'natural' ombre in my hair. Sadly it's taking it's sweet time to revert back, mainly because I'm being responsible and limiting my sun exposure. However, when I saw that L'Oréal Féria released their very own at home ombre kit, I knew it was probably something I should try. So I did, I grabbed a box, it was on sale for $8 (usually $12) at my local Target and I took home to give it a whirl. 
loreal feria ombre review
If you've ever dyed your hair at home this is easy as pie, especially since you get to 'brush it on'. It take around 45 minutes total, including waiting around time.  My only problem was it didn't saturate as high up that I wanted to go, so it didn't lighten it like I wanted, however the lower ends brightened up and I feel back to ombre once again. At home beauty under $15!

 Would you try it?