Coconut Oil Frosting

coconut oil 'buttercream'
When it comes to frosting I'm kind of a snob, I refuse to buy store bought and everything has to be homemade. Let's be real, if I'm going to indulge I'm going to do it right. So when the boys and I decided to make cupcakes the last week, we found we lacked the necessary sticks of butter for my special buttercream frosting. Ugh, but not really. What we lacked in butter we more than made up in Coconut Oil, and since Butter and Coconut Oil have the same consistency I had to give it a shot. Turns out it's just like the real thing, probably better, and if you use refined like myself you get creamy, and buttery taste! Why on earth did I not think about this sooner?!

Coconut Oil "Buttercream" Frosting 
(About 18 Cupcakes)
3 Cups Confectioner's Sugar
1/3 Cup Coconut Oil  - Solid Form
(Choose Refined for More of A Buttery Flavor and Unrefined for Coconut Flavored)
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
3 Tsp. Milk (Coconut Milk & Almond Milk Will Due..)
coconut oil buttercream frosting
Whip the coconut oil until it forms peaks, slowly pour in sugar and beat until creamy. Repeat. 
Add Milk a Tsp. at a time, you may not want to use it all (it makes it a little more glaze like). Add Vanilla Extract and Whip. 
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Frost Your Cupcakes And Enjoy...
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