Sugar Cookie Cups

Sometimes pie crust just doesn't cut when we're going bite size, every now and then we need that little extra bit of flavor to make it really pop. So obviously the easiest thing that comes to mind is cookie cups for mini pies and tarts, and wouldn't you know they're easier and tastier. Plus if you're feeling super lazy, like myself, you can go grab a package of store bought sugar cookies (or your favorite), roll them out, and cut into circles. 

Pop them in the oven and voila, mini pies & tarts just waiting to be topped. Sadly, my boys didn't get the memo that they were going to end up as tarts and ate them before I could top'm. Ah, well.
Sugar Cookie Cups - Makes 2 Dozen
 1 Package Of Refrigerated (Immaculate Baking Co.) Sugar Cookie Dough
3" Round Cookie Cutter

Roll Out Softened Dough and cut out circles, you want them to be pretty thin because cookies rise. Next,  mold them into mini muffin tins...
  Bake for 8-10 Minutes (or Until Gold Brown) at 350˚
Top With Fruit, Pie Filling, Ice Cream and Simply Enjoy.