5 Ways To Wear Boots

Since we're planning on spending Thanksgiving up north with the rest of our family, I've been anticipating winter weather while packing for the week. And while composing my list of things to bring with obvious choices like outerwear, knits and tights, I found myself continuously going to back to one of my personal favorites on the list, boots. Whether it's my favorite slouchies, OTK's or classic leather knee highs they've all made room for themselves in my suitcase for our vacay. And since boots are clearly on my mind, I knew it was only natural to add them on for this week's 5 Ways To Wear, especially since most of you are lucky enough to be wearing them just about full time now. 

1. Layered With Oversized Chunky Knits
2. With Shorts and Tights
3. With Frilly Dresses
 4. Tucked In To Jeans
5. Rolled Up Jeans and Booties
How Do You Wear Boots?