Music and Fashion

You might remember our chat about Fashion as Art with Stoli’s Orgnl.Tv (here), of course after Art, there's Music. When I first went thought about how music inspires fashion, I drew a blank and then quickly remembered the few music videos I styled. I remember the director’s images of the music transcended into wardrobe ideas, whether it was incorporating flowing chiffons with calming melodies or bold colors and metallics with upbeat playful tunes. 

And it just doesn’t end with music videos, there’s tours, shows and dare I say it, commercials. As for  Artist's personal style goes the duo behind Nina Sky's channels the ever evolving new york city girl and the mens wear inspired, 'boy meets girl' look. You can always tell the ‘mood’ or tone of a song by the way artist’s choice of clothing, hence why there are so many changes during concerts. 
The same goes for designers choosing music for their runway shows to flow with their collections, the right music brings you to the inspiration behind the designers work and speaks to the collection. I noticed mellow yet upbeat french music for Badgley Mischka’s Midsummer’s Night inspired collection, and Island inspired tunes for Mara Hoffman’s bright and cheery Spring 2013 collection. 
How do you think Music inspires Fashion?

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