Fearless Fashion

When I was asked to take part in the Fearless Fashion campaign (sponsored by Cosmopolitan Magazine and Palladium) I didn't hesitate to jump on the opportunity to show off my 'fearless look' paired with the fierce shoes (by TwoLips & under $50) they surprised me with last week. I mean let's me real, how can you not pair leather shorts with these babies? What do you think does this scream fearless fashion to you?

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shirt old navy, shorts diy leather shorts, shoes c/o two lips, necklace jewelmint, bag vintage, bracelet vj-style
Here is more info about Palladium for your reference:
 - Palladium gets its color and luster from nature which makes the metal hypoallergenic. Palladium is rarer than gold and its color won’t tarnish over time. Although platinum is about 15 times rarer than gold, palladium is even rarer.

NEUTRAL - Palladium is ideal for all occasions. It is low density, which means it weighs less than platinum allowing a bigger and bolder jewelry design to be created and worn with ease. Part of the platinum group of metal, palladium is one of four precious metals and shares its strength.

AFFORDABLE - Only a decade ago Palladium was considerably more expensive than platinum. Today, platinum’s prices have skyrocketed enabling Palladium to be the more suitable substitute for luxury.  Palladium is inexpensive and lasts a lifetime.