Fashion As Art, Art as Fashion

Growing up in an art influenced family I immediately took to studying all art forms including my personal favorite, fashion. Without a doubt I consider fashion as an art form, the work and creative process that goes in to designing pieces is just like any other art form (I know from experience). So, with that being said, I find myself becoming more and more inspired when I see designers 'tapping'  the most influential artists like Van Gogh, and even, Warhol for inspiration on their collections, whether it's the bold prints, or colors there's always some pinch of influence. 

Even Anna Sui noted yesterday that her Spring/Summer Collection was inspired by an interior designer. And it doesn't stop at designers pulling inspiration from artists. Artist's pull from the creativity of designers a portray them to their canvas as a work of art. To me, you can't have one without the other. Do you agree?

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