Inspired With Intel

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed my #ultrabookstyle hashtag over the last week or so paired with snapshots of shoes, accessories that are part of my style. That's because I've teamed up with Intel and Glam to bring you the styles that inspire my love for fashion via Instagram, powered by the Intel Ultrabook. With each picture offers a little peak at what inspires me...
 One of my favorite things about fashion is the ability to make something that was once plain like this jute tote into something creative like a personalized beach bag, with creative quirks of glitter, playful details and of course, caricature like features that give a taste of what your personality is really like.
 Along with my fascination for shoes, I have a little something for sunglasses with quirky shapes, colors and frames. It's always fun to play around with my outfit just changing the littlest thing, like a pair of unique sunglasses.
 It's taken me quite awhile to appreciate jewelry on the accessories point of view, I've always had the tendency to make the clothes talk with out 'extra pieces'. But since have come to realize that even the simplest piece like this chain link bracelet can give any outfit a bit of oomph.
 I can easily say that turquoise jewelry has become a staple in my day to day wear, almost as if it's become a neutral in my life. It amazes me that each and every uniquely shaped necklace gives off a different look though they're all the same color.
 Like mention before and of course seen on the blog, I have a major thing for shoes but what draws me to each and every pair of shoes I snag is the detailing paired with colors and shape, like the scalloped edges and t-straps on these.
 Not everyone considers nails an accessory but I beg to differ, even the the most subtle (or quirky) manicure can be the perfect accessory to your look.
 Prints are another one of my biggest inspirations, I love the idea of playing with color and mixing prints whether with a neutral or another print, nothing quite highlights a look than with that extra something from prints.
 More bold prints paired with unique designs to make even the most simple outfit pop.
 I'm always looking for DIY inspiration so when I run across an idea that I'd love to try I take a mental note, and or picture so I can draw from the idea to recreate. How fabulous is this bag, it's orange suede on top and leopard vinyl on the bottom.
 It's true leopard is probably my most sought after print, and as it would happen I need a new pair of leopard pumps and just can resist the perfection of the print paired with the perfectly sculpted heel and platform.
And of course my love for bohemian styles is ever inspiring my sense of style, if you'd asked me a few years ago if my style was mostly derived from bohemia, I would've laughed at you.

What Inspires Your Love For Fashion?

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Intel via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Intel.