This Week..

With Aiden turning three last week brought a dinosaur infused celebration with maybe a little too much sugar and wired, yet adorable toddlers. And though it was a major success, It left me drained all week begging for a the weekend. And whew It's finally here, now I get to kick it off with these fierce shoes. Ha Cha Cha...
 The beginnings of homemade pop tarts, sure they look great now, just wait until you turn your back with a 3 year old standing there. Of course he was curious enough to see if all 8 did the same thing when you poke them continuously, do I blame him? I'm jealous he beat me to it...
 Found these babies on sale at Shopbop for $25.80, I ended up getting them for under a buck because I had a credit, score!
 Our Party Man
 Part of his "Set Up"
 The "Sweets"
 And of course the cake, which was so easy to make (and it was from scratch!) ...
Happy Weekend! Xo.