Hair To - DIY Braided Bun And A Mini Vent

Now that it's beyond freaking scorching outside it's time for another, more summer friendly hair to! Happy Braiding. 

And as for a little venting, I actually missed linking up with Alyson yesterday because our littlest one has been battling a cold for the last few days so instead of writing a post I took a trip to the pediatrician's office - luckily all is fine. But it brings up an important topic, obviously most of you know I'm a mom of two, so the topic of "how do you do it?" comes up a lot. Obviously I've gotten emails about how I probably don't actually wear what I post, which is funny because I don't know why I'd bother getting dressed in the first place if I only wore things for pictures, it's a waste of time and make up, something I don't have a lot of (the time..)

When it comes to getting dressed, I spend most of the time standing in my closet deciding on what the heck to wear, I'm the first to admit I don't always dress appropriately for the occasion (I'm a over dresser, which is better than under, never know who you're going to run into). But it takes time on most days, make up is quick but getting out of the house is a hot mess, aside from me I have to get two little people dressed (and on somedays my husband) just to go to the damn grocery store or for whatever errands we have scheduled. I swear it would be easier to just not go, but I guess we would starve and I like to eat too much. So we go, yes I wear heels, just like I said throughout my pregnancy they're just more comfortable than flats.

If I have to run around with the boys I'll throw on wedges that keep me steady, and wear something I don't mind getting roughed up, because these two fellas are all boy and love all things dirt, mud and chaos. It all comes down to planning with making the 'stylish mom thing' work, I've never been able to see how people have told me "oh just wait until you have two you'll definitely be in sweats and tennis shoes" (they said that about one too). So I waited around and we have two, still not in sweats and tennis shoes (I actually only own one pair and they live in my trunk, and were worn 3+ yrs ago). I understand that a lot of people aren't dictated by fashion, I mean gosh, I wasn't until I was ending high school and decided that if I was going to a fashion designer I better get my act together - so I did, and it's still ever changing.  To me It's all about finding your self and being creative with clothing and accessories, while having fun and not taking it too seriously. That's what it's about right? And well, feeling (& looking) fabulous.


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