5 Things To Love From Carolina Boutique

When I stumbled upon the new to me, Carolina Boutique it was hard to pick just 5 things because they carry everything from intimates and clothing to housewares and even simple indulgences like fragrance and bubble bath. Launching their online presence in March 2012, Carolina has quickly made the 'lust lists' of Refinery29.com and Marin Magazine. Carrying brands like Cosabella, Tocca Beauty and Cynthia Vincent's 12th Street only to name a few, makes them a popular pick among the trendsetting crowd.

Here are my picks for clothing, housewares and indulgences under $60!
It's no secret that I love scarves, I could hardly resist their selection but immediately made this peacock scarf my favorite. I've also been looking for a bandeau like bra for awhile now, but these two lacy delicates were the first to catch my eye! This little black mini skirt, is a must for all wardrobes, try it paired with this amazing rich hued button down. 
 (From Left To Right)
Carolina Peacock Scarf $52, Cosabella Never sad Never Sweetie Bra in Black and Jade $42, Velvet Kareena Mini Skirt, $58, OVI Classic Shirt In Teal, $49
As ladies we love indulging ourselves in luxurious bubble baths, candles and even detergents, so when I found these three I couldn't help but dream of relaxing in the tub. After mistaking these fabulous printed hair ties for bracelets I thought why couldn't they double as both, am I right?
(From Left To Right)
After seeing this beautifully crafted glasswares I couldn't resist the urge to want to throw a romantic outdoor dinner party under the stars. And since my bedroom had turquoise and navy hues they would be perfect to double as decor during entertaining pauses. 

(From Left to Right)

What's your favorite?

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