5 Ways To Wear : Bold Lips

More often than not, I find myself reaching for bold lip colors, whether it's the classic reds or the fiery fuchsias and most recently watermelon and orange tones. Gone are the days of just wearing them for a night out on the town, and in are the days for making them work during the day. Here's 5 of my favorite ways to wear bold lips...

1. Casual With Deep Moroccan Red 
One of my no fail rules for my self is "if wearing 'brights' in the day casual them down". It's the easiest way to pull off a bold lip without looking like you're trying too hard.
 2. Contrasting With Classic Red
Like in this post, contrast is another great way to go, for example this classic red lip is perfect paired with the olive tone in this vest, giving just the right amount of pop with out looking overdone.
3. Lighten Up With Azalea
The more saturated sister of Fuchsia, Azalea is a perfect find for spring and summer. Since Azalea has somewhat different hues than it's sibling, it's best pairings are lighter neutrals (pastels too!), like this grey and white look. Wearing heavy dark lipstick and dark pieces in daylight looks too harsh in most cases, whereas going lighter on one end helps perk things up!
4. Play With Color and Hot Pink (Fuchsia)
There are times when a neutral just wont do when it comes to playing with one of my favorites, fuchsia, the surprisingly flattering lip color (and teeth whitener, thank you blue tones!). So of course I resort to playing with a little bit of color, whether it's a colorful scarf or a pair of snazzy shoes (this post) it always has a little bit more of a sparkle. 
5. Watermelon (and Corals), The New Neutral
I'm just now giving in to orange tones, I was extremely weary before because they have the tendency to make even the whitest of white teeth look some what yellow, but I've found that watermelon (and most corals) aren't as harsh. They're actually quite neutral, I'd compare them to light pinks and even my nude lip gloss, easily worn with just about everything. Subtle, yet bold.

 Happy Weekend, Xo.