This Week...

 I snipped a fresh orange blossom from my Dad's tree, and now my room smells incredible, it amazes me how something so tiny can have such a beautiful, strong scent.
 Snagged a few new pairs of shoes, Believe it or not the pink ones were more expensive at $5 than the turquoise suede pair for $1! (though the blue ones came "worn", humm..)
 One of my favorite, easy and quick meals...
 Finally got around to hanging the painting my grandmother gifted us on our last trip, she's amazing.
Flipping through H&M's Spring Magazine with my current mani, Sephora by OPI's Only Gold For You & Ulta's Peach Parfait
A fabulous box of Goodies from Erin @ Erin's Favorites for the 3.14 Pastel Swap
Love these, Thanks Erin! 

Have A Great Weekend