ShaToBu, Are They For You?

When Lipton Publicity sent me a pair of Get Fit Shaping Tights from ShaToBu, I was excited to try them out, not only because I love tights but because of their claim to burn calories while you wear them. And though I'm not the hugest fan of 'shape-wear' I was quick to see what all the buzz was about and here's what I found...

Like other shape-wear brands, they're difficult to put on, it's a work out on it's own trying to get them on, which is fine because then we know they're working, right? Second, I loved that they were opaque and had a nice sheen to them. My biggest complaint would have to be that I spent the entire day pulling them up because I didn't want the 'black band' to show, which was annoying because nothing is more tacky than your 'shapewear' showing from the bottom. And given that my dress was of a modest length and not a mini, it seemed like I would have to wear a pencil skirt for it not to be revealed. Did it burn calories while I wore them, I have no idea, I wore them twice and I did feel slightly more slim after wearing them all day, so maybe. Would I buy another pair?  Maybe, if they made the band higher up, and for $28 it's not an out of budget splurge. 

Want to try ShaToBu? Check out Dillard's, Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor,
and Macy's.
 Cardigan and Bag Old Navy, Dress Lily Boutique, Tights ShaToBu c/o Lipton Publicity, Boots TjMaxx (old), Belt Vintage, Bangle H&M, Necklace Vintage, Ring Jewelmint
*disclaimer - I was gifted these for the sole purpose of this review and was not compensated. As always all opinions are 100% honest and my own.