Megan Makes: Sparkled Button Up DIY

Lately it's been a glitterevolution in the blogger world, where we're DIYing all things glitter infused and what better way to make something old shine than with a touch of glitter, or in my case, a handful or two. It's a great update for well under $10, $4 for the glue and $1 for the glitter!

It's got me thinking I might need to add my midas touch to all my button downs, particularly my new finds from old navy, here and here

Here's What You Need...
Here's How To Make It
 Mix 2 Parts Glitter with 1 Part Glue in a bowl
Next with a ruler trace a line with a pencil where you'd like your glitter to be, measure and do the same for the other side, so it's even.
 Put paper or cardboard between the shirt, depending on how 'heavy' the shirt is so the glue doesn't seep through. 
 Paint on the glitter glue in thick coats to save from having to go back over and over, adding more glitter to the glue can help from doing tons of coats.
 Let dry....before adding another coat.
While waiting for it to dry, start another glitter project, boots maybe?
Apply another coat 
and let dry...
Have fun! See what I mean about adding it to my new tops - 

I'm linking up with Kimberly at A Little Bit Of This for Old To New in October!