Sand and Sea

My Husband and I had a silly idea the other day, we we're like 'hey, let's go to the beach, it'll be fun' though we're not the biggest fans of the Sand and Sea, but for some reason we thought the boys would be all over it. And  they were, the only issue was the time getting ready to go, getting there, and getting everything loaded back in the car trumped the whole hour were there. The joys of having kids, nothing is really on a whim anymore. However, this is what I threw over my suit and I loved it.

What's your cover-up attire?
 Dress Banana Republic, Bag XOXO, Wedges MaddenGirl, Scarf Vintage, Necklace Jewelmint
True Story,  I thought it'd be ok to take the wedges on the 'packed' sand (hey, it was solid), only to fall after my husband made a comment about me wearing them - I was jinxed, I tell you! 
Megan 0, Sand 1