Spot The Steal - Marc Jacobs Simone Dress

I recently had a reader lusting after Marc Jacob's gorgeous striped dresses from his Spring 2011 collection, including the 'Simone' dress that was recently spotted on Michelle Obama, and it's equally fabulous 'mini' version. And to my surprise while browsing Urban Outfitter's dresses last evening I spotted a very familiar looking striped ensemble, that could easily be seen as an inspired by piece for under $50.

....So my lovely reader this one is for you ;)
What do you think, Is it Inspired by the 'Simone' Dresses?

Marc Jacobs 'Simone' Tunic Dress, $328 Bloomingdale's
Marc Jacobs 'Simone' Striped Tie Dress, $628 Revolve Clothing 
Cooperative Tank Dress, $49 Urban Outfitter's