In Review: N.Y.C In A New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish

I'm a girl who loves a colorful mani-pedi and have been itching to getting around giving myself one since Evan was born, turns out 3 weeks later I have time. And since I'm now juggling 2 kids I need something that dries pretty quickly, because lets be real chasing a toddler that's into everything doesn't give me much time to let my nails dry. Am I right mamas? So on my most recent Target outing, I snagged N.Y.C In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish (with 1/2 off coupons in tow) in Lincoln Square Lavender and Prospect Park Pink - $1.74 each.

And here's what I found, this collection is much higher quality than their regular $1 nail polish (comparable to Revlon & Ulta products) and goes on smoothly during application (unlike their regular nail color that streaks). Also as promised it dries quickly if coated correctly - no globbing ladies*. And after 2 coats you achieve the bottle color and finish. 

I noticed that the Prospect Park Pink was a little more peachy than pink which I was fine with because I might have a little too many pinks in my nail color bag. As far as the Lincoln Square Lavender goes, it may just be my new feel good color next to Ulta's Capri Coral (seen here). I might just have to go back this weekend and snag a few more colors for my collection, because at less than $2 a pop you can't have enough color...Xo