Sephora By OPI - Only Gold For Me

With the holidays literally around the corner I wanted to try something festive but not too over the top. And since sequins and sparkles are on everyone one's must have list, it's the perfect time to add some sparkle to your nails. I opted to try Sephora's by OPI Only Gold For Me top coat (since I had a gift card), and it is exactly that. 
It's a little tricky to apply because it's almost impossible to get it to go on evenly on the first try, but after a few coats it's just right and you can build up to a full 'color coat'. I personally love it, it's not too overwhelming but it's still eye catching, and surprisingly my husband adores it which is a huge surprise because he's not into nail polish, at all. 
And I know what you're saying "ugh, glitter is sooo hard to remove", actually it was incredibly easy to remove, but you can always try the Foil Method if you must. Though the product isn't super cheap it's priced accordingly with other salon nail colors, and if you're not into the gold it also comes in red and silver (as seen in my under $10 gift guide). 
What are you sporting on your nails this season?