Well, Hello Cold

I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped out the door this morning to find that it was quite chilly (in the 60's to be exact) and had to go back in and grab a jacket to head out for my hair appointment. I was even happier when I left my appt. 3 hours later and found it was still cold. I immediately ran home and threw on some tights and sweaters, informing the boys that we were picnicking today. I just couldn't part with my hot cocoa from Barnie's (and either could Aiden with his mini cup, so cute!)
Sweater Dress Juicy Couture, Vest Old Navy (seen here), Boots Baker's, Necklaces Vintage, Bag Old Navy
(We matched, I wish I got a shot of his front - he had a grey and black striped shirt on...Isn't that jacket ah-mazing?)
Happy Weekend!