DIY Style : Chain Ankle Bling

Chained Ankles are making a big hit and I'm jumping on the wagon, though I can't afford Lanvin's fierce shoes ($1,245) - I can afford to make my own equally as fierce chains to add to any of my shoes for under $10.
Yes, you heard me correctly under $10 - and show you how to make your own in under 15 steps. Cheap and Easy, Let's get started. 
First you're going to need to gather your materials, fabric and craft stores like Joann's and Michael's carry strands of chains and clasps at extremely reasonable prices (I got mine for $1.50 a piece at Joann's, the clasps we're $1 for 10). I suggest getting lobster claw clasps because they are a lot easier to work with than the spring ring clasps I chose. Also make sure your pliers have cutters in between - most do.
Now you're going to want to measure your chains where you want them around your ankle, remember  you're going to want one to be a little shorter than the other - for a layered effect. Next cut the chains (one at a time) with the wire cutter between the opening of the pliers.
Next you need to gently pull open the clasp hook to attach your first chain, do not pull hard or it will break...
 then add your second chain..
Now with your pliers gently close to the clasp.
Repeat Steps 1-5
Wrap around ankles and attach, throw on whatever shoes you want to pair them with and voila!
Easy, right?
You can also wear them as layered bracelets, or attach them together for a layered necklace - get creative.
(I want to see pictures people!)