Vested Roses

The evenings in Florida have just been so amazing lately, slightly cool and not too humid. It almost makes it ok for summer to be moving so slowly, if only it were like this during the day. You can feel the day winding down and the calm of night slowly creeping in as the wind blows in. It's the perfect time to take Aiden out for a little 'run' before dinner and his bath. He just runs around chasing the ducks, picking up bark and mulch, eating the bark (eck...which leads to my husband freaking out...which leads to me laughing) and of course rolling around in the grass. It's incredible watching him discover new things as each day pass, everything is so new and wonderful to him. It's precious. I picked this dress up last year about this time and immediately loved, and wore the heck out of it. Though now the stupid elastic is coming undone and the top is losing it's shape. I paired it with a denim vest and (again) my cognac belt with Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges.
Bark in hand, pursuing the ducks
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