Produce and Prints

I love grocery shopping (most of the time) just as much as I love shoe shopping, the smell of fresh baked bakery goods and colorful produce arrangements always brings the best out in me (or hunger). Perhaps it could all be seen as a fashion show of food...

My husband and I decided to go on an evening picnic since the weather has been lovely at night, so we headed to the grocery store to pick up some tortes, fruit, and other picnic essentials. I just couldn't help but pose next to the colorful fruit, which looked and tasted amazing by the way.

My picnic look consisted of a tribal print H&M Maternity Dress that I got for $7 today (I'm stocking up this time around, and I bet you didn't know it was maternity...did you?), a black skinny belt paired with my zip up platforms and my berry bag.
Dress H&MMAMA, Bag Old Navy, Platforms Alice and Olivia for Payless, Bangle and Belt Vintage