CSN Stores Review

When I was first approached to do a review for CSN Stores I was a little overwhelmed. I mean 200 stores to go through is a lot. I narrowed it down and thought what is something that I would use a lot for $40? Shoes, Right? I went through the shoes and realized they weren't as budget friendly as I'd hoped for, I saw a few pairs selling for full price when I had just seen them at Marshall's for 1/2 that the day before. And of course the pair that I was in love with was sold out, so no shoes. I headed over to the accessories site and decided I needed a computer sleeve for my new computer. I loved their selection of trendy and modern laptop sleeves and carriers. And most of it was extremely budget friendly, I finally narrowed mine down to the Hadaki Neoprene Laptiop Sleeve in Bubbled Pink for $25.99. I loved the polka dots, and that it was slim with tote like straps, big plus. I opted for 3 day shipping which cost $12.50, where as the standard was $7.95 (not too bad, but most of the other CSN stores had free shipping.)

I got the package via FedEx on the 3rd day and immediately loved the sleeve which fit my Macbook like a glove. The bag is actually brown ( I thought it was black) with pink dots, and has a colorful striped lining (LOVE).  All in All,  It was an easy shopping experience except for one thing, when you're trying to narrow your search down it's very difficult to go to the next page while saving your search results.  I had it set for under $50, size 6 shoe - and when I wanted to see 96 items instead of 24 or go to the next page it reset everything and it seemed like an endless frustrating battle. I am happy with my product, and would recommend shopping with CSN stores, you just need a lot of time and a lot of patience.