All American Past Time....

With the 4th of July just behind us it brought up the subject of many of America's favorites, such as Baseball ( Go METS), Hot Dogs, Denim and more. So I was pleasantly surprised when we found this baseball field and thought it was only appropriate to mix denim with one of America's favorite past times. When I picked up this this (dress) skirt the other day I thought what can I pair with this?  What would 'work'? So I paired a chambray button up with the navy to give it a 'blue' feeling. The only thing I don't love about this tunic is the pleats, they're a little distracting from the frilly skirt. None the less I very much love pairing denim with frills (here), perhaps it's the new neutral.... And while standing in line at the grocery store in my newly favorite outfit (flipping through Glamour) I noticed Vanessa Hudgens was wearing practically the same outfit for her Glamour cover shoot. Validation.
Tunic Miley/Max for Walmart (gift), Skirt Zac Posen for Target, Platforms Alice and Olivia for Payless, 
Cat Eye Sunglasses Old Navy