SPOT THE STEAL - Loeffler Randall Yvette Cut Out Bootie

I adore the Loeffler Randall Yvette Shoe, I pretty much would wear them with just about everything...Maybe even to bed If my husband allowed me to. However Loeffler Randall's version costs $575, which is far beyond budget savvy. Am I right? But I found this just a fabulous, almost identical version of the Yvette bootie, while shoe shopping at Chinese Laundry's Avalanche runs for under $50, which is a big difference in price between the two.

Chinese Laundry Avalanche, (ShoeMALL) $35.99 (for size 6 and 7.5)
Or Chinese Laundry Avalanche, 6pm $46 (org.89)

What do you think?

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