Look of The Day ( Outfit Ideas) - Tutu Cute

I recently got a letter requesting pictures of my personal outfit ideas, and that gave me an idea to post an outfit idea each day, budget friendly outfits of course! Which is perfect timing becaue just a couple weeks ago I finally finished painting my walk in closet and studio (we moved in our loft in January)...And realized that I rarely wear 70% of the clothing in my closet, let alone the 150 shoes that are collecting dust as we speak. So each day I am going to post a picture of today's outfit idea and you stylish gals can ''love or hate'' the looks. I also want to encourage readers to email me looks to be used for the Look of The Day!

Here is the first look, what do you think?

Military Jacket - Old Navy $12
Mossimo Boyfriend Vee - Target $8
Mesh Tutu - Forever21 $15.80
Tote - Old Navy $10
Cynthia Vincent Cognac Wedge - Target $29.99
Belt and Bangle - Vintage Hand Me Downs :)