Green It Is

I've come to the conclusion that I get obsessed with certain accessories and tend to let the other ones in my closet collect dust for the length of my obsession. Notice my current obsession in a few other posts, are my Cynthia Vincent wedges ( they're just so comfy...walking on air I tell you) , the vintage belt my mom gave me and the crescent carry all bag from Old Navy...

I snagged this sweet tee shirt (dress?) at H&M for $5, so I threw my go to accessories on with a tangled gold necklace and headed out.

Do you have accessories in your closet that you just LOVE?

H&M Striped Tee, Cynthia Vincent for Target Wedge, Crescent Bag Old Navy, Raybans, Forever21 Necklace, H&M Bangles, Vintage Belt