Spot the Steal - Chanel Camellia Thong Sandal

Chanel is like no other, but trying to justify buying a $500 flip flop with a flower on it is outrageous. I might spend it on a Manolo or Louboutin, but never on a flip flop. Eck!

But Of course I found a Steal, at none other than Tar-zhey. It's Merona's Emilia Leather Flower Thong Sandal for $22.99. It is unbelievably comfortable and  real leather, I even might go as far as to say better than the Camellia, it only lacks the famous tiny gold Chanel logo.

What do you think? Do you Like the Emilia or the Camellia better?

Chanel -Camellia Flower Thong, Malleries $500
Merona - Emilia Flower Thong, Target $22.99