How To Wear Harem Pants

   " Dear Frugalista Diaries,
          I've been seeing a lot of harem pants around, are they still in style for spring 2010? If they are how do you wear them? And where do I get a great pair for cheap?
                                            To Harem or Not to Harem "

Great Question! Harem pants are still around, I actually just broke down the other day and bought a pair. I've been fighting the urge but they've grown on me and have some sort of sensuality.  Harem pants are going to take more of a tailored trouser form for Spring 2010. Making them more flattering and wearable.

Now how to wear isn't tricky at all! If you're petite like myself you don't want an extra long 'crotch' and you want them to be pretty slim. Also make sure to pick the appropriate leg length for your height, if you're under 5'3, opt for a more cropped / capri length to avoid oompa loompa faux paas.

 Make sure you pick a great  fabric, like silk or a soft cotton, a little drapey but  more tailored because that's how it's being worn for Spring. Black is a simple yet chic choice, however color or metallics are eye a little more eye catching if you're wanting to be bold!

For a top you want a body grazing top, you want the top to be a little more down played next to the pants. Keep it simple with accessories, the pants are the 'star of the show', the top and accessories are the 'back ups'.

Don't be afraid to belt it or tuck your shirt into the pants. If you want to do a jacket try a cropped cut so the pants are the obvious feature.  As for shoes, heels are probably best, the higher the better ( to balance out your figure of course). Strappy Sandal or Cut Outs are the best choices,  If heels aren't for you try a gladiator sandal.

Where to buy Harem Pants on a budget? Lauren Conrad's collection for Kohl's has "Trouser Capris" ($24.99) in Silver and Black. JcPenney also has Silver and Black Harems on clearance for $14.80, in stores.

What do you think are Harem Pants for you?