Jean Paul Gaultier For Target

I’ve been waiting for months for the Jean Paul Gaultier collection to come out, I even woke up early Sunday morning to go down and review the collection. Much to my dismay it wasn’t even on the floor. I asked when they were going to put the Collection up and they pretty much could care less. I should’ve taken the hint, I went again  Today after calling to confirm it was out, and I was beyond disappointed.

Obviously my Target didn’t get the entire collection, it was missing the ‘Dot’ Lingerie Dress (along with others) that I mentioned in my ‘Seeing Spots’ post.  Among the tacky Anchor tanks were Ed Hardy-like bathing suits and cover-ups. Jean Paul Gaultier’s hideous take on the short sleeved pinstriped suit, and the pleated mini skirt meant to go with it looked like it belonged on the early Avril Lavigne. I was in a state of confusion, was this really his much anticipated collection? I know he’s out there, but has he lost his mind? 

I can however say, the Cropped Moto Jacket was there looked awesome, but for $200 no thanks. The hot pink version of the Lingerie Dress was there, hated the color but loved the fit. Er.. Target carry the whole collection next time! A lot the Collection was shapeless and the fabric choices were well, interesting (soo JPG). For the other dresses he used ‘raincoat’ material. Which translated beautifully on the Black Strapless Dress, which by the way is the best piece of the collection. The fit is absolutely to die for!  The Halter dresses in the same material were not too bad, but I wasn’t a fan. The other noteworthy piece was the floral off the shoulder dress, the print was gorgeous and the shape was able to work on almost all body shapes. Though it was mostly see through, and made of the same ‘raincoat’ material.  So I give the collection an “Eh”.

If you do end up liking some of the pieces, note that the sizing runs really small, I wear a size ‘0’ and the ‘3’ (for the strapless dress) fit me. I think I might just wait for it all to go on sale (it will, trust me it’s as disappointing as Rodarte for Target, perhaps even more so) and then take another look.

 I think I’ll be way more impressed with Zac Posen’s more ‘Romantic’ collection in stores April 25th.  And I’ll be sure to go to the other Target for that collection. Don’t disappoint me Zac!






Jean Paul Gaultier for Target® Halter Dress - Spanish Mustard $59.99










Jean Paul Gaultier for Target® Strapless Cloque Dress  $59.99














Jean Paul Gaultier for Target® Lingerie Lace Trim Dress Pink $34.99











Jean Paul Gaultier for Target® Rolled Collar Floral Dress  $39.99










Jean Paul Gaultier for Target® Striped Bustier Dress with Shrug - Black/White $39.99