Christian Siriano's Fierce Payless Shoes!

Going back to Christian's runway days, where every other word was fierce. He was always a favorite of mine, maybe because I see a lot of my self in his eccentric personality. Since then I've kept up with his runway shows that have been anything but disappointing. But most recently he's taken his shoes from the runway and made a more budget friendly pair for Payless. When I first saw the pictures in the look book I couldn't believe Payless would be selling such an Avante Garde shoe, but during my recent browsing long behold the Bull Horn Heels! 

A beautiful work of Art is what I'm seeing here but they look extremely uncomfortable, and almost un-wearable. I'm a girl that lives in heels, I'd sleep in them if my husband would let me. They're practical for me, but these shoes as tempting as they are, might be a little too much. But they're a steal at $80 ( and under) Bucks ! If the Bull Horn Heels are too much for you, they're some played down heels that are just as cute and half the price. What do you think to wear or not to wear?

Click for a better LOOK!

1. All Done Up Mary Jane Pump, $79.99
2. Coast Printed Satin Pump, $34.99
3. Cove Large Shopping Bag, $39.99
4. To The Pointed Printed Pump, $79.99
5. Cut It Out Ankle Cuff Pump, $79.99
6. Coast Printed Satin Pump, $34.99
7. Small Nightfall Clutch, $29.99
8. Downtown Zip Sandal, $34.99