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25 May 2015

I don't know about you but I have a long history of laundry mishaps. One of my biggest disasters has to be the (brand new) BCBG plaid wool blazer that I made the mistake of throwing in the wash only to find it in a shriveled up mess when I pulled it out.  I'd love to say I learned my lesson after that incident with the 'washer sensitive pieces' but there's been plenty of disasters since, though probably not as catastrophic. Needless to say I make it a serious point these day to be smarter about my washing and shopping choices. Whether it's picking more washer friendly pieces (and limiting the dry clean only tags in the closet) or opting for a more efficient detergent.

Naturally, when I found that mega-brand, ASOS was collaborating on a machine washable only collection with eco-friendly detergent brand, Method, I couldn't resist grabbing myself a piece. With 10+ styles in the colorful, 70's inspired collection there was no way I was going to miss out, especially when I can skip the dry cleaning bill and toss it in the wash. Adios dry cleaners. Obviously I went for the boldest and brightest print to channel my favorite Method Detergent, Beach Sage. Flower power, oh yes please...

Now, for me Method isn't just about the (fully recyclable) sleek, transparent bottle that puts all my other cleaning products to shame. Though I will say it does make quite the statement on the shelf. It's the naturally derived, biodegradable & hypoallergenic cleaning power that takes care of my clothes without the excessive chemicals that got me on board. I don't have to think twice about throwing my new dress in the wash, because after a cold, gentle clean with Method it's going to be just as bright as when I popped it in. 

Save $3 on your online Method order with promo code "THREEFORME".

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
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Spiked Blackberry Lavender Lemonade

22 May 2015

This post is sponsored by Pinnacle Vodka.
Guys, summer is on the horizon! It’s the perfect time to have a few refreshing cocktail ideas in your back pocket to spruce up brunches, picnics and outdoor get-togethers. You can never have too much inspiration, which is why I took to Twitter last week and asked about your favorite summer drinks. Naturally, most of you said it was all about the fruity flavors, and I couldn’t agree more.

To make it really exciting, I’ve teamed up with Pinnacle Vodka to craft a little something special with your favorites in mind. At first it was tough to pick from the 40+ flavors at Pinnacle, but I finally came to the conclusion that I should keep it simple and go with Original.

Since blackberries and lavender are a summer season favorite, I figured these two flavors would pack some punch to the reliable classic, lemonade. Refreshing and a little outside of the box. Of course this combination can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. Don’t want to make the lemonade from scratch? Me either. I grabbed my favorite pre-made lemonade from the store and spruced it up with more lemon and a little zest. Trust me, they’ll never know you didn’t create the whole thing from scratch....

Spiked Blackberry Lavender Lemonade

Here’s What You Need:

{Yields 4 Servings}

4 oz. Pinnacle Vodka

32 oz. Lemonade {Store Bought or Homemade}

Dried Lavender Sprigs {Or Fresh}

1/2 Cup Blackberries

2 Lemons
In a bowl muddle together blackberries, lavender and 1 juiced lemon & 2-3 Tsp. Lemon Zest.
Pour into pitcher or carafe, add lemon slices.

Fill 3/4 the way with lemonade. Add the 4oz. of vodka {if you’d prefer light on the alcohol opt for 3}.

Add rest of lemonade.

Stir & Voila!

Serve chilled. Garnish with lemon slice & a few blackberries skewered on dried lavender sprigs.

Pinnacle Vodka shakes things up with unexpected experiences and delightful
discoveries. Explore with other fun flavors at

Pinnacle® is a registered trademark of Jim Beam Brands Co. and is used with permission. This is a sponsored partnership, with Pinnacle® Vodka, via Mode Media. The information, comments, and ideas expressed on this website are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Jim Beam Brands Co., its affiliated companies, or any of their directors or employees.

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LG G4: Blogger Style

21 May 2015

If any of you know me in person, you know I have a serious problem keeping my phone charged. Granted the phone is a few seasons behind and doesn’t pack the punch in the charging (or any) department like it used to so I can’t quite take all of the blame. It’s funny because my husband has all of my friends on speed dial just in case we’re out and my phone loses power, which in most cases, it does. It’s a long standing funny but not so funny joke. So, obviously it was high time for me to update my little phone for something greater, a lot greater. Enter, the new LG G4. Oh my ghad this thing is awesome! The incredible 5.5’’ Quad HD screen and the 16 Mega-Pixel (8 Mega-Pixel front) camera are probably a fashion blogger’s dream alone. 
The phone’s camera is equipped with one of the best camera’s on the current market, not only for smart phones, but for digital cameras in general. Who doesn’t want Optical Image Stabilization, High-res Image Sensors, and Manual mode with a f/1.8 low light lens? Forget toting around my DSLR. This baby gets the job done and I can slip it right back into my clutch when I’ve gotten what I need. Thus far the battery has been every bit reliable as it should be...#win.

It has quickly become an accessory with the brown leather design, exclusive to T-Mobile, so I can skip shopping for a stylish case. It’s easy to hold and the Android operating system’s maneuverability is extremely user friendly. No learning curve here. The bright, high contrast screen is a dream and comes with a good chunk of storage at 32GB. So feel free to snap away on the shoe selfies and latte pics. And don’t forget to add all of your playlists. 

The LG G4 Phones are due out next month so pre-register to find out when they’re available near you and get entered to win a phone of your own {they’re giving away 30}! You can also follow the @G4Preview handle to check out the truck tour and see when the LG G4 Truck is coming to your town so you can try them out for yourself before they hit stores.
And yep, these were snapped from my new LG. Kind of wins you over, doesn't it?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LG. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Flats & A Maxi

20 May 2015

Ok, ok. I know I wore this dress last week but I honestly couldn't resist giving it another go so soon. I figure since I swapped the heels for gladiators and the accessories for a little something different, it's completely justified. Right? Also, as you can see I can't put my Dune London puff away...

Dress H&M, Bag Bijuju, Puff Duner London, Shoes & Sunnies
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Beauty On Demand: Priv

19 May 2015

Getting pampered doesn’t always have to include getting dressed and schlepping to the salon or spa. Today, we have just about everything delivered to us, from clothes, books, gadgets, lunch, dinner, and even groceries; so why not have the salon or spa come to you? Take the new-to-me {quite possibly my new favorite} beauty on demand app, Priv for example: They offer everything under the sun, from massages and mani’s to haircuts, makeup application, and spray tans. All ordered from an app that schedules the appointment at your home. It’s all kind of awesome if you ask me. 

Feel in the mood for a mani/pedi or a blowout {or both, yes you can order multiple services at once, hello spa day from home!} ? Pull up the app, plug in the order and someone can be out to you in as little as 45 minutes. The app is free and is available on Itunes & GooglePlay. The services are pretty comparable to salon and spa services, plus they include tax and tip. So you can stay relaxed instead of having to think about payment and tip at the end, always a buzzkill. 

Aside from booking multiple beauty services and also having men’s grooming, Priv also offers fitness. Personal training or yoga sesh before heading out for the day? Yes please. Follow that up with a blowout and now we’re really talking. 

I actually got the chance to try Priv out for myself over the weekend and I am happy to say that I have officially been converted. I opted for a blowout because this girl can never turn down a good blowout. I opened the app, picked a “Pro” and time. In less than an hour, there she was, all tools in tow. 
She was in and out, leaving me with perfectly styled hair. It was effortless and took the stress out of booking an appointment at the salon, waiting and feeling like you’ve spent you’re entire day there.

Currently, they’re only located in New York City, Los Angeles and London - but that doesn’t mean they wont be expanding in the near future. So, if you’re a gal (or a guy) in these areas Priv and I are offering my readers $10 off your first service with promo code: trypriv10.

disclosure: this post was sponsored by Priv. As always all opinions are my own. Thanks you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 
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Tropical Pants

18 May 2015

Since I'm traveling to Florida tomorrow for a few days to spend some time with my family after my grandfather's passing I figured it would be most appropriate to get the in the tropical mood. These pants from Byer California are almost too perfect for the occasion. I can't help but love the flow, print and style {wide leg addict right here}, plus they're under $40, so there's that. I kept it simple, and slouchy and paired it with sky high wedges and a loose white blouse. Naturally a pop of color is a great addition to any outfit, no exceptions here. 

Psst. Byer California is offering TfDiaries readers 20% off their orders with promo code "TfDiaries"

Pants c/o Byer CA, Shirt Nordstrom Rack, Shoes Shoemint, Bag, Puff Dune London
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