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10 Tips For Introducing Bottles to Breast-fed Babies

17 November 2017

This post is sponsored by Philips Avent. All opinions are my own.
If you've been following along on Insta-stories, you might have spotted that we took a short trip down to Louisiana last week prompting Indiana's first bottle experience. Until now, he wasn't too keen on anything that wasn't the 'real deal'. He was initially interested in pacifiers but they were promptly discarded once he realized nothing was coming out. But since we knew that I was going to be out of our usual 2-5 hour nursing window, I decided to go back to an old tried and true resource: Philips Avent, to make the transition go flawlessly. First off, their bottles are great for breastfed babies. The wide breast-shaped nipple makes for an easier, more natural latch. The unique petals make for a flexible, non-collapsing nipple and they're easy to hold for you and baby. I love using them with the Philips Avent Manual Pump. It's super easy to use, small, and perfect for traveling. We've been using this particular model since 2009 with Aiden and honestly wouldn't go anywhere else, especially when you can pump directly into the bottle, then add the nipple and go.

All that being said, since Indy's first bottle was on our trip we teamed up with Philips Avent to document his experience with the Philips Avent Natural baby bottle through his point of view, and with some additional tips below on how to make the transition painlessly. From my perspective it went off without a hitch; and snapping off the shots of him trying to figure out what the bottle was 'all about' for our first test run, was pure entertainment.

"Here I am, minding my own business in my car seat in this new place when my 'food source' hands me something new and weird. It looks kind of familiar but I'm not sure what it is and what to do with it. Naturally my first thought is to put it my mouth, like everything else I do. I'm intrigued. I examine this further and try to get a grasp on holding it to my mouth. I like it. Then 'that guy' jumps in to help me a long and shows me how to use it. It's food! I'm pretty sure it's the same stuff that comes from her but I can't be sure. Let me try it again. It is! I think I like this – it is just like her and now I don't have to wait for her to come home and feed me. It is also easy to hold, even with my tiny hands.

...more please!"

- Tips for transitioning breast-fed babies to bottles -

1.  Let Dad give the first bottle. If you're holding him and trying to give him a bottle, he's going to start rooting for your nipple making him less likely to take the bottle. If Dad gives it to him, they're now BFF's.

2. Pay attention to positioning. If he's held the same way you position him for nursing he'll be more comfortable and ready to eat.

3. Take breaks. While nursing, baby takes little breaks here and there so take the bottle out every few minutes to make it more like nursing and to avoid over doing it.

4. Don't try to match breastfeeding time. It's different.

5. Take visual cues from baby.

6. Make sure he's hungry before giving him the first bottle. If he's not hungry he's not going to care or take it.

7.  Pick a bottle that best imitates breast-feeding, like Philips Avent Natural bottle which mimics mom’s breast. The nipple is key. Start with a slow-flow nipple.

8. Stay close and cuddle. Bottle feeding can be just a nurturing as breast-feeding.

9. Don't feel guilty about bottle feeding. We have plenty of other things to feel guilty about as the time progresses and this isn't one of them...

10.  Alternate and let Dad join in. Now he can help out with middle of the night feedings while you catch up on Zzz's.

Must-Have: Red Leather Boots

16 November 2017

If there's one pair of trendy shoes you need in you closet this year it's the red leather boot. I was on the sidelines for a while but after wearing them once or twice over the course of a week I was immediately sold on keeping them in rotation as a fall staple. Trust me on this one, they work with just about everything and add just the right pop of color to the look. 

Dress Lulus.com (similar), Jacket Express, Boots Dolce Vita, Bag Kohl's
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3 Easy Holiday Hairstyles With Conair

14 November 2017

It's no big secret that I LOVE Conair products. Between the Curl Secret and the Diamond Brilliance smoothing paddle brush, we have a pretty good routine down. I honestly didn't think I would need any more tools to work their magic on my hair- it has been a match made in heaven. Well, until Conair introduced me to the Conair 3Q Compact Styler dryer and the Conair 2-in-1 Styler: Game changed. First off, if you're in the market for a new blow dryer that gets the job done without leaving your hair looking 'cooked' I highly recommend the InfinitiPro by Conair #3QDryer. We're talking bombshell blowouts every.single.time. It's easy to hold, combats frizz with the Frizz Defense conditioning ions, and uses a HeatProtect electronic brushless motor to generate up to 70% more air pressure to dry hair fast and at lower temperatures. Conair, my thick hair thanks you! It doesn't hurt that it's compact and easy to store. Also it's bright pink! Check out the 3 heat and 2 speed settings for optimal styling.
Now, let's talk about the InfinitiPro by Conair® 2-in-1 Styler. It's so good! For starters you can just go ahead and get rid of your straightener and curling wands because this does both with just ONE tool. ONE! My overflowing beauty closet is singing its praises as we speak. Insist on keeping your array of styling tools? You still need this, even if it's for taking it on the go. Seriously, game changed. One tool working double time as flat iron and curling iron. It's great for multi-tasking and trying different styles. I'm all  about the stainless steel outer barrel (heats up to 265˚) for my loose messy waves. And the black titanium ceramic-coated plates (heat up to 400˚) for touching up my hard to tame bangs and loose ends. I basically start with the wand for curls and touch up by unclipping the wand and using the straightening plates to finish the look. It's also great for straightening hair in a snap - I'm sold and will be gifting these this holiday season (mom, don't read this!). #Conair2in1Styler

Now that these Conair tools are on your must-have list for the season, I thought I would create a few styles to keep you looking glam without the fuss of spending a ton of time styling your hair.
Loose Messy Waves
Dry hair smooth as need with the Conair 3Q Dryer.

Section off hair and wrap 1" pieces of hair around barrel of Conair 2-in-1 Styler.

Leave for 25 seconds before releasing. Repeat until head is fully curled.

Use the flat iron feature of Conair 2-in-1 Styler to straighten any uneven pieces and ends.
Half Up Retro Style with Braid Detail
Like above, dry hair smooth as needed with the Conair 3Q Dryer and section off hair and wrap 1" pieces of hair around barrel of Conair 2-in-1 Styler.

Leave for 25 seconds before releasing. Repeat until head is fully curled.

Use the flat iron feature of the Conair 2-in-1 Styler to straighten any uneven pieces and ends.
Next, section off the front left side of your hair from the
temples up and pull back to center of hair leaving your bangs and a 1" piece free. Pin and repeat on right side.

Braid the 1" piece and pin to back center with bobby pin.
Messy Tiered Ponytail
This one is great for dirty hair, add some dry shampoo and blow dry smooth with Conair 3Q dryer.

Next, with the wand attachment of the Conair 2-in-1 Styler add some waves throughout your hair. It doesn't have to be perfect because you're putting it up!

Gather your hair as if you're putting it up into a high half pony. Secure with elastic.

Next pull the remaining hair into the above hair and secure with elastic.

Secure the remaining hair from the ponytail into elastics as far as you'd like. (see below)
Find the Conair 3Q Dryer and the 2-in-1 Styler nationwide at drug, mass and specialty stores.

For more information about Conair's full line of hair styling products, visit www.conair.com. Follow the brand on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram for great hair tips and product giveaways!

For more information about Conair's full line of hair styling products, visit www.conair.com. Follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for great hair tips and product giveaways!

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received the InfinitiPRO by Conair 3Q Compact Styler and the InfinitiPRO by Conair 2-in-1 Styler for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

Layering Fall Colors

13 November 2017

I'm all for mixing and matching my fall colors, who doesn't? I can easily say these two colors are my personal favorites when it comes to the fall varieties, especially when styled to together. Who can resist the deep golden hue of mustard with a rich oxblood? It's the perfect substitution for the missing   fall colors in the NYC this year. I think we got some yellow, but mostly brown. Smh. You can grab my colors on eBay for a fraction of the price...

Dress Zara via eBay, Jacket Express via eBay, Boots Report (in black), Sunnies Karen Walker (more)

Red Beret and Stripes

08 November 2017

It was only a matter of time before the stripes starting creeping into the beret pairings and I'm totally ok with it. I toughened up the French look with a little leather and distressed cropped jeans for errands last weekend. Obviously I couldn't leave the house with a red swipe of lipstick to complete the ensemble. It just had to happen. 

Stripes H&M, Jeans Wrangler, Shoes Nina Tinsely, Bag Kohl's, Hat eBay, Jacket Express

Suede Oxblood Moto Jacket

06 November 2017

I've been looking for an oxblood hued Moto jacket forever now and with my luck it keeps selling out in my size. I honestly never thought to look on eBay until recently when I spotted this one and immediately scooped it up. It was a definite win especially when it was around $85 shipped. I've already worn it around a few times but I love how it adds a pop of color to this black and white get-up. Just throw on and go..

Jacket eBay, Skirt Burlington (similar), Bag Kohl's, Top Forever21, Shoes (similar)