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Decorating with Dalmatian

04 February 2016

Forget polka dots, guys. Dalmatian is the new polka dot. 

Now, I have nothing against a good polka dot, it's a classic and always will be. But, there's something about the vibrant and unique print of a Dalmatian that has me dumping the classics for something new. I'd love to say it's my love of imperfection but after spending quite a bit of time on pinterest and flipping through home magazines, not many disagree with my new found fondness for the animal print. I'm officially obsessed and want it all over my house - walls, drapes, pillows (ok, I have those) and furniture? Yes, please. Sure, you don't have to go all in and it's probably not recommended but it's definitely worth a shot especially if you're in the mood for an upgrade. Which is why I've rounded up about a half a dozen ways to decorate with one of my new found favorite prints - dalmatian. Cruella would be proud. Image Credit.

1. Frame it

2. Throw it on your couch (or bed)

3. Curtain Crew

4. Put It On The Wall

5. Fun Furniture

5 Easy Hairstyle To Try For Valentine's

03 February 2016

Since I've been cooped up all week with Strep I figured should take a break from binge watching Shameless on the couch and put together a round up or two of hair ideas for Valentine's - I can't believe it's February already. So, I'm sharing some of my favorite 'romantic' hairstyles that are not only easy to do but easy on the eyes. Date or not. 

1. Half Up With Braided Crown
Separate hair from the underpart of hair and braid over to the other side (tutorial here) and pin. Pull back two large pieces from the front of your hairline and pin back, tease if necessary. 

2. Low Side-Swept Loose Pony Tail
Divide hair in two, twist the pieces and pin to one side. The pins should be enough but you can secure with a hair tie if you prefer and then take out the pins. 

3. Faux Bob
With a 1" curling want add waves to hair, then pull into a low ponytail and pin up with bobby pins {you're going to need a bunch for this one}. Let the loose pieces fall out. You don't want it to be perfect. Spritz with hairspray for holding power (I use: Garnier Sheer Set}

4. Touseled Waves
Start with a volume enhancing spray and curl with a 1" wand from a 1/3 of the head down. Brush out with a wide tooth comb and fix loose pieces. Spritz hairspray for holding power. 

5. Half Up with Volume
Divide hair from crown and lightly tease. Pin each side back with bobby pins. Let loose pieces fall into place. 

Winter Essential: The Statement Coat

01 February 2016

Ok, I know I wore this jacket in last week's post but I literally can't stop wearing it. It actually took a little while for it to grow on me but I'm starting to love the oversized fit. Obviously, I couldn't be more obsessed with the print. I'm particularly enamored with my most recent pairing with my giant cozy sweater and skinny jeans. Next up, overalls. 

Jacket NewChic, Bag Marshalls, Sweater OASAP, Jeans Levi's, Boots Jessica Simpson

6 Ways To Bundle Up this Winter

29 January 2016

Bundling up for winter doesn't always have to mean covering yourself from head to toe in layers. Often all you really need is a few essential pieces paired with something a little more 'fun' to keep you from fall into a winter style rut.  Since this week has been far warmer than last, I had to take advantage of the beautiful {40-something degree} weather and take a break from all pants all the time. Thus, making this week's #styled6ways with the girls a little more whimsical with a flowing skirt and this absurdly cozy cashmere sweater that Garnet Hill was kind enough to send over. I'm kind of obsessed, at least with the sweater. 

Sweater Garnet Hill, Skirt Chicwish, Jacket Few Moda, Bag & Shoes DSW

See how Jackie, Jenn, Kacie, Tiffany, and Alex are bundling up in their Garnet Hill pieces this week. 

Navy and Plaid

28 January 2016

After spending an extra 5 days in Florida this past week thanks to the massive storm that hit the north east over the weekend, I figured it was about time to get my act together and {snap off some pictures of some of my "currently wearing on repeat looks' that haven't made it up on the blog yet. I actually meant to take pictures of this particular look before I left for Florida but for some reason it never happened, thus the radio silence over the last several days - Oops. Thankfully now I'm back, and the weather is kind of amazing, minus the size-able amount of snow on the streets and sidewalks. This navy window pane coat is pretty much the ideal outerwear for this 40-something degree weather. I'm especially obsessed with the oversized plaid scarf pairing with the addition of the hair tuck, boots and black denim. I've at least worn it 5x this month with no repeat regrets.  

The Retro Coat

25 January 2016

To keep up with my love affair with all things retro it was only a matter of time before I found the perfect coat to keep me warm this winter. Who can say no to a little shearling with a fantastic print to spice up the 20 degree weather. I can't decide if I love the coat or this adorable bag that I scored at Marshalls last week, more. 

Jacket NewChic, Jeans FashionNova, Bag Marshalls, Shirt Forever21