2 Ways To Make A Statement

I think it's safe to say that Jackie and I are in agreement when it comes to never blending in. So this week it's all about statement pieces and how to incorporate them into your personal style. For me, I think quirky items that aren't necessarily in the box, like this sequin t-shirt dress. On it's own it already makes a pretty big statement but I stepped it up a little bit with a windowpane coat, heels & socks. It's going to be amazing during the spring with white sneakers. 

10 + Easy Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

This post is sponsored by The Container Store. All opinions are my own.
With Spring less than a week away I’ve found myself hitting the refresh button on all things home. We took down the shelves in the living room to open up the space and have now set our sights on the kitchen. Ugh, this kitchen. It is easily one of the biggest issues in this apartment. The two biggest reasons being that it shares a space with our entryway and lacks the storage we need. It’s not terrible, but it’s not great. We’ve definitely made improvements over the last several years, such as the hanging bar, a shoe cabinet and the rolling cart for oft used items, but we were definitely in need of digging a little deeper. That’s where The Container Store comes in. FYI, they are having a huge 25%-off kitchen sale so definitely check that out. They have everything you need to get your space organized, big or small. Honestly there’s a lot more that I could have done, but what we did accomplish has made a HUGE difference to the space. HUGE.

Wide Leg Cropped Flares

Oh hey! I'm bringing out these cropped jeans for another wear and I'm keeping it simple with a grey turtleneck. I can't help but think that these pieces together are bringing out the 70's vibes - I love it. It's not overly costume-y looking but it definitely shines on the fact that I'm one for that particular decade...

Spring Find Under $20: Striped Jumpsuit

This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own.

Now that it’s March I’m ready to ditch all of the heavy outwear in favor of lighter and bolder styles. I know I can’t be the only one, right?

So, this week I’m partnering with Walmart to give my spring wardrobe an update with something fabulous. And yes,’s current selection + the new collections are on fire so I highly suggest you check them out and take advantage of their FREE 2-Day Shipping. It’s so good. You already saw my jeans here, and I wear them on repeat.

How To Add Some Sparkle To The End Of Winter

Ok, it's the end of winter and I'm officially done. We've had two snow storms in the past week and spring is so close I can taste it. I'm not sure what it tastes like but it has to be better than the last days of winter. So, as I muscle through these last gloomy days of 30˚weather I figured it was the perfect time for Jackie and I to share how we do it without going crazy...

Striped Sweater + Green Print Skirt

I've all over sweaters and print skirts this season and this particular pairing might be my favorite, not just because I can wear it with sneakers and heels! But because, real-talk these textures and prints together are gold.

Pleated Floral Maxi Dress

Ok, who watched the Oscar's last night? I'll admit I only watched a little bit of the red carpet but didn't see the show...

2 Ways To Add Color To Your Wardrobe

While Jackie and I are big fans of color, I can completely understand how some people might not be ready to go full on color wheel with their outfits. I've been there, I basically lived in black the first year of living in New York. Though I quickly broke out of that phase and embraced the colors of the rainbow in my closet and (photo) backdrops. I mean, my apartment is a full nod to my love for color...

So coming from a gal, er, two gals, that love color we thought today's post would be the best way to address adding just a smidge of color to your neutral wardrobe without the feeling of going over the top. 

Let's be real everyone has a touch of color in their closet somewhere, so let's start there. 

When it came to styling our Melie Bianco bags we both wanted to keep I mostly neutral but in creative ways. Me, I reached for a pair of overalls, a cream colored bell sleeve top and camel accessories to coordinate with my bag. For the color, I added a vibrant red wool blazer and a similar hued scarf to my boot for an extra pop. 

For Jackie, she kept it neutral with a pop of print from her plaid coat and adding the color with a scarf and bold lip. Super easy and just enough color to make an impact.

 Tip: If you're not a big color fan, start small. Try incorporating a bold lip, scarf or accessory and then build up to more predominant pieces like jackets, dresses and tops.

Head over and see Jackie's tips for adding color! 

Megan: Bag Melie Bianco // Overalls Wrangler // Boots Report // Hat ASOS // Shirt (similar) // Scarf (similar) // Blazer (similar)