The Denim Jacket

04 May 2015

I figured it was just about time to switch out my leather moto jacket for something a little more Spring savvy. It seems that just about everyone is stocking up on denim jackets so I dug around in my closet and pulled out this beauty from {almost ten years ago} Old Navy. I literally nabbed this as one of my first purchases when I moved to NYC at 19. Turns out it's just a relevant almost a decade later and looks perfect with gladiators and this floral neoprene dress. Who else is all about the denim jacket this season?

Dress H&M, Jacket Old Navy, Shoes, Bag Bijuju, Puff Dune
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Spring {Decor} Refresh Under $50

30 April 2015

At this point I'm sure you're fully aware that I'm completely obsessed with decorating our apartment. We've been here for a little over a year and half and I'm starting to realize that it's probably about time we make it our home and start filling the frames with pictures. I'm not even kidding you. I recently had a friend come over and remark that we must really love pianos because all of our frames were filled with photos of pianos (they came with the frames). As funny as it was, I realized then it was probably time to change that. 

 Since we decided that we're going to stay in our place for a little bit longer, we've thrown ourselves into painting, new furniture and fixtures over the last few months. I'm finally starting to feel a little more settled {as a Libra I'm not sure I'll ever feel 100% but don't tell my husband, he's already groaning with my frequent changes of heart. Fingers crossed}. If you've seen sneak peaks of our place in the past {here,  here and here} you're definitely going to see changes! 

As most of you know I'm obsessed with shopping for the home Marshalls and T.J.Maxx, it's one of my favorite 'secrets'. There's been times where I've stumbled upon real gems, most of which are still in our apartment. So, when T.J.Maxx knew I need a little help kickstarting my 'Spring Re-fresh' they helped a gal out with a $100 gift card. Of course I hit all the stores in a 5 mile radius and came home with some seriously great finds without making a dent in the budget. This clock, ceramic pot and frame that are now occupying the shelf are the perfect example, all together they were a whopping $10! Yep. The pot was $1. That was a successful day of shopping. Plus now I have a place to put my Joanna Baker prints!
The bohemian in me has started a fascination with baskets so obviously I had to at least add one or two. This one under my desk now holds my printer and papers for just $12! Goodbye eyesore. 
Frames, little dishes and vases are kind of my go to when I head into stores so these were perfect for storage and desk space additions. I stocked up on some essentials like new curtain rods, a much needed laundry basket and throws with out even breaking $50.  Obviously I'm sure I'll have updates in the future, but this is just the start. Who else loves Marshalls and T.J.Maxx for decor?
disclosure: T.J.Maxx was kind enough to send over a gift card for shopping, as always all opinions are my own. 
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Blue Leather and Boyfriends

29 April 2015

Ok, I'm guilty of wearing boyfriend jeans and these heels twice this week. Truth be told, I've been so busy this past week that I completely forgot to take outfit pictures! Well, I found myself wearing this similar combination yesterday when we finally got around to snapping off some pictures. I'm not sure which pairing I love more with these shoes, but this leather jacket is definitely making it ok for back to back boyfriend jeans postings, right?

Jacket Kevin Shahroozi, Sweater Garnet Hill, Jeans Abercrombie, Shoes, Bag DSW

Don't forget, to check out what the other gals are wearing today and link up your own fab outfit! Xo.

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5 Spring Beauty Essentials

28 April 2015

Spring is in the air which means it's time to finally shave those legs and start showing a little more skin, hooray! I don't know about you but I am seriously excited for Sunshine and shorts, who's with me? Anyhow, Over the last few weeks I've been stepping up my beauty game to kick off things right, so I've narrowed it down to my 5 favorite finds...

Check them out...

Sloughing off dead winter skin is always first on my list, so, when I heard about this glycolic {professional grade} exfoliant, I had to at least try it. It's a little pricier than my other beauty finds and I can only use it once or twice a week due to my sensitive skin, but the results are worth it. It goes on gentle, and doesn't feel coarse or rough on my skin. It's just the right combination of Glycolic Acid, Papaya Enzyme, Professional Grade Crystals, Lactobionic Acid, leaving my skin looking less than dull and a little more inspired for the new season a head of time. I've been using it after my shower at night and am pretty happy with the results. Hello soft skin! The 2.6oz may not seem like a whole lot but a little bit goes a long way so when ever you're looking for an at home facial or treatment this is right up your alley...

This goes on and feels like butter, it's heavy yet super soft. I've been a SheaMoisture fan for a couple of years now but this one has become a favorite. I love that I put it on before going to bed and my skin still feels smooth and soft after sleeping in my sheets all night. Also, this particular blend of Mango Butter and Green Coffee Bean Extract helps get my legs Summer ready (Firm and Smooth baby!).

When it comes to my natural waves texture is everything, whether I'm going au natural or using a wand to shape things ups. I've used a lot of "texture" sprays but this one feels the least like hairspray but gives me shape and a little more texture to my waves.

Ok, I've been wanting to try this forever but it's been sold out just about everywhere, until I found it over the weekend in Ulta. Of course I ran home and tried it. End Result: It's amazing, I love how simple it makes highlighting and contouring. As someone who is make up challenged, that's saying a lot. Plus it's Paraben Free which means no breakout after the make up goes off!

I'll be the first to say that mascara and I have have a somewhat trying relationship at times. My 'fine' lashes, like my hair love to clump together and end up looking sparse when the mascara goes on. So a swipe of the mascara and a dash of the extensions give me a full looking lash, without the clumps and  tangling. I will say it took me a minute to get used to applying the extensions because it's easy to get little black {feather like} residue all over the face. Make sure you tap off all the excess before applying, lesson learned!

What are you current essentials?
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Lace and Denim

27 April 2015

Remember when I wore this adorable lace skirt set (here)? You kind of loved it, right? Well, turns out it might actually be even better when worn separately. This pairing is probably the perfect (and my favorite) example of the endless styling options from the set. Because let's be real, who can resist ladylike paired with a little rugged denim?

Shirt Chicwish, Jeans A&F, Shoes, Bag DSW
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Look for Less: Jonathan Adler Zebra Dish

24 April 2015

Since I've been diving completely in home decor for the last month in hopes to make this the best damn apartment possible I've found myself scouring the web for the perfect accents. When I stumbled upon this very familiar looking dish I couldn't help but want to share it! Obviously I love Jonathan Adler and his quirky and extremely chic decor places but the price point isn't always the right fit for my checking account. So, this cute little Zebra Dish from T.J.Maxx for a whopping $8 bucks is kind of the perfect addition to my rapidly growing home accessories collection. What do you think?

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