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Pink and Blue Floral Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

23 May 2017

I can't believe it, this is officially my LAST baby bump outfit. I'm actually really sad to see my bump go. But, now I have the cutest little bundle of cuddles to soften the blow of outfits sans a giant belly. Truth be told, he might even have to come do some coordinating outfit posts with me, just because. Until then, I give you my last baby bump outfit. I mean, this dress is going to be just as good in the coming weeks and months but there's just something about these romantic Donna Morgan dresses with a 'little bump' that makes them even better. Stay tuned, I have another one coming your way - and it's GORGEOUS. 

Dress Donna Morgan (similar), Shoes Lulus.com, Bag TJMAXX

5 Maternity Staples That Still Work Postpartum

22 May 2017

After 8ish months of rocking a bump and acquiring a decent amount of clothing for said bump it seems a little ridiculous to toss out the last several months of styles in favor of something less maternity looking. I mean, I get it. After what seems like endless hours of trying to shimmy into maternity pants I can't say I want to hold onto them for much longer. But, the reality of ease and hanging onto some of your favorites from pregnancy is actually a smart choice, at least until you're REALLY ready to say goodbye once you get your pre-baby bod back. So, I'm rounding up 5 super easy maternity staples that will look just as good postpartum and that will make nursing a breeze...

- The Wrap Dress - 
Easy nursing access and an adjustable waistline.

- Off The Shoulder Dresses and Tops
Perfect for nursing and still a #1 staple for summer.

- Maternity Jeans-
Sure, we want to fit into our pre-pregnancy jeans the moment we walk out of the hospital but real talk, don't ditch the insanely comfortable waistband that maternity jeans offer just yet. They're still pretty useful and chances are no-one will know you're still sporting maternity jeans.

- Ruched Bodycon Little Black Dresses - 
Bump or not, your closet needs the ultra flattering ruched sided body con little black dress. It's flattering on all shapes and sizes and the ruching can be adjusted to hide or hug your curves.
(This Ingrid and Isabel Dress is Amazing)

-Flowing Tops- 
Perfect for quick, on-the-go outfits with just the right amount of access for an impromptu nursing session.

3 Easy Ways To Add Color To Your Home

18 May 2017

Now that you've taken care of your spring wardrobe and added a little color, it's time to start thinking about the other places in your life that need some extra pop. For me, while most of my color comes from printed dresses and bright backgrounds, a good amount also comes from our home. By now, you know that I love color at home.  From waking up in the morning to our rich violet ceiling, to working at my desk in our perky berry office/living room, my space supports my mood and my well-being.
Color is a super valuable tool that anyone can use, though most people aren't sure where to start or how.  Especially when it comes to home decor. And more often than not, a person might end up feeling it's something they should just avoid, or  use conservatively. Are you on the fence about color? Don't worry, I have your back!  I'm sharing 3 super-simple ways to add color to your home this spring with the help of Annie Selke's new Palm Springs collection.
I have to start by saying that this catalog is beaming with color and it was nearly impossible to play favorites and narrow it down to three essentials. But, I did and I couldn't be more happy with my picks. They're perfect!
Ok, so let's talk essentials on making your room pop with minimal effort- because that's what we want: zero effort and a subtle, yet palpable change to the scenery. Right?

First, throw pillows. They instantly freshen up any room. Living room, entryway, bedroom - you name it. You only need one or two for the job and they're easily switched out with the changing seasons or your mood. For me, I instantly fell in love with the Thumbprint French Blue/Indigo Embroidered Decorative Pillows. They have just enough color and print but in a subtle, practical way. Plus, they fit perfectly with the color scheme in the living room. Even David loves them, and that opinion doesn't come very often.
Next, sheets! Sheets are perfect for the commitment-phobe. You can have a range of color and print to plain and throw them on when you're in the mood for color or store them away when you're not. You're constantly changing your sheets anyhow, so these are the easiest way to bring in that desired pop without having to commit to seeing it every single day. Like I mentioned, they come in an almost infinite assortment of colors and prints so finding something that fits your preferences is super easy to arrange. I personally wanted something a little lighthearted for our room so the Confetti French Blue and Indigo Sheet Set was the perfect fit for the job (Bonus: I can add my throw pillows to the mix when I'm feeling like they need a new home!). Imagine waking up to all that confetti  goodness? It's basically a party for your bed.  
Finally, rugs! It's taken some time but I have grown to really love rugs and runners. At first I was reluctant to cover up our hardwood floors but after finding the right ones for each room I actually couldn't imagine our space without them. Rugs are simple, you can go big or you can go small, it's all about preference. And like bedsheets, you can go for lightweight washables and change them out according to the mood or season. Afraid to commit to a full area rug?  Opt for a bright and cheery doormat or throw rug for your entryway It's a fun way to add a little play to your daily walking space. For me,  If there's one room in our apartment that desperately needed a rug, it 100% had to be our kitchen. I can't say I love the tile flooring and it needed... something. So this Diamond Canary & White Runner was the perfect addition. It plays well with the backsplash, adds some texture, and the yellow cheerfully brightens the room (especially next to the stools).
Hopefully these tips helped give you that little nudge and a toehold you needed when it comes to adding a little color to your space. You can do it! Especially with the help of Annie Selke's new Palm Spring collection. Which you can check out and shop, here.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Annie Selke . The opinions and text are all mine.

Spring in Astoria with Timberland

17 May 2017

Sponsored By Zappos.
I don't know about you, but to me, there's no better place than New York in the spring. There's just something about the bright new colors blooming across the city with temperatures on the rise that puts an extra pep in my step. It's the perfect time to spend hours wandering the city, grabbing a bite to eat al fresco and treating yourself to fresh blooms and perhaps an iconic mister softee (I'm a vanilla chocolate swirl kind of gal). While all the neighborhoods in the city easily stand on their own, there's just something about blazing the modern trail in my own neighborhood: Astoria. 

Naturally, proper footwear is necessary. You need something that treat your feet as you treat yourself to the days spent under the sun, browsing the fruit stands and sipping iced coffee (or if you're in Astoria, likely a frappe) going from avenue to avenue taking in the sights. I mean, you have to be comfortable, right? Especially with an enormous baby bump. So, when I got wind that Timberland isn't just about boots anymore I was 100% intrigued to try out one of the new styles, the Mayliss Oxford in White Full Grain. I mean, we all need a pair of white sneakers in our footwear lineup and these kind of knock it out of the park. Hello, slight platform, removable cushion sole and a super soft suede upper! The breath-able mesh liner doesn't hurt either, especially as the temperatures continue to rise and the weather goes from gorgeous to hot and humid. 

I grabbed mine from Zappos, scored one-day shipping, and wore them out the next day to help 'move along this pregnancy', if you get my drift. Usually I would dress them up with a flirty dress to enhance the feminine lines, but I stepped a little outside my norm and threw them on with cropped fringe denim and a striped top with a leather jacket topper and French basket (to fill as we made our rounds in the neighborhood). First up, United Brothers for fresh fruit and vegetables. Next, Spicy Noodles and Thai Coffee at Red Basil. And finally, hanging out on the stoop, people-watching before picking up the boys from school. In a nutshell.

How do you blaze the modern trail in Spring? 

Check out more Timberland styles (they have sandals too!) on Zappos. That paired with their their super-fast shipping and award-winning customer service team is a clear match in shoe heaven. 

DIY Ikea Brimnes Wardrobe Handle Upgrade

11 May 2017

While I love the functionality of the Ikea Brimnes Wardrobes (and also bed) I can't say that I love the handles that they come with. Truth: they're bulky, have no ability to hang anything on them and well, they're just not pretty. At all. Same goes for the handles on the bed. Plus the amount of times I've scratched my leg on them is probably unnatural. 

Thus, some changes had to be made.

Like, I said before, I love the wardrobes and the $120 price is unbeatable for the amount of storage they offer. Before even purchasing them, I knew they needed a different handle situation. Of course it turns out that handles with this particular sizing were nearly impossible to come by. So I waited, continued to search, and waited. And then a couple of months ago I had the idea that maybe I should go back to Ikea and see what they had in terms of handles; even if it meant looking at their kitchen drawer pulls- which is exactly where I found these. While the stainless steel was a serious upgrade from the current situation I was concerned they wouldn't go that well with the rest of the room. 

Enter, Rustoleum Metallics in Gold (the same paint that brightened our hideous boob light). I opted for the gold, but looking back I would have gone with a deeper brass hue for more depth. I will say, even with the brighter gold they're a HUGE improvement to the previous handle situation and I can rest easy that I don't have to deal with those bulky handles any longer. The process was super easy and ridiculously budget friendly, the handles were $6.99 for a package of two (x3) and the spray paint was around $4. It's a definite win in my book.



Do It Yourself!

What you need: 
Rustoleum Metallics in Gold or Brass
3 - 2 packs Ikea Lansa Handles in the 9 5/8 size (6 1/4'' holes)

1. Outside, lay down a drop cloth - I recommend plastic.

2. Line up the Lansa handles and spray each side evenly. Let dry and touch up as needed.

3. Let dry overnight and screw handles into the pre-drilled holes on the wardrobe.