16 April 2014

stylish overalls
Yep, I took the plunge and got a pair of overalls. I'm probably just as shocked as you are, because let's be real the last thing I wanted to do is recreate was my brother and I in our matching overalls as kids. Though I have a feeling he might be proud right now.

However, I figure when it comes to trends you have to try them at least once as you never know what you're going to love or not love without at least trying it once, right? Plus it was really hard for me to say no when I saw them hanging there for only $25 at Marshall's - so I grabbed them, tried them on and kind of fell in love. I wasn't the only one who loved them, when I showed my husband what I was wearing he quickly said how much he loved them, he was serious, and I was surprised to say the least. But I digress...I immediately knew that my first outfit would have to channel SJP on Ellen because I really loved it, like so much so that I was immediately ok with overalls. So, it felt natural.

So, Overalls anyone?
Sarah Jessica Parker overall dupe
shirt beauxx.com, shoes nordstrom rack, overalls marshalls, bag lulus
stylish overalls under $25
bloggers wearing overalls
how to style overalls
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(the first overalls are the exact pair)
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Short Suit

15 April 2014

I've been searching for a short suit for quite sometime now. Originally I wanted something subtly printed or perhaps even pastel (really, all the above), but when I spotted this one on major sale from ASOS I knew the price and timing was right. Luckily for me it goes perfectly with my also new blouse from Everlane

Tailored, Bold and Perfect for Spring. Expect to see more appearances in the near future while I pair it away...
Shorts and Blazer ASOS (On MAJOR SALE), Shirt c/o Everlane, Shoes Nordstrom Rack, Bag Lulu's 
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Beauty Must-haves: Liquid Keratin

14 April 2014

If you read on a regular basis you're fully aware of my unruly mane. 

Now, while on most occasions I embrace it, I sometimes find that I want to look a little more polished. Enter Liquid Keratin. A new at home keratin treatment targetted towards creating longer, smoother and straighter hair. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I was worried it was going to turn my hair stick straight but I used it sparingly just in case. At first, yes it was straight and it was definitely smoother. However, as time went on I was able to keep my [precious] waves, like I had hoped.  It's been about 3 weeks since my treatment and I've found it's stayed pretty managable in the smooth department (less tangles baby!),  and it's supposed to last up to 3 months. Best part, the kit is under $60. Up to 3 months of sleeker, smoother hair ? I think yes.

Need results? Check out my before and after...
Hello Less Frizz!
Love it? Grab yours here.
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Going Bright

11 April 2014

 Because what better says Spring than a closet full of color paired with just a smidge of leather?
 shirt nordstrom rack, shoes sole society, pants h&m, bag lulu's, jacket target
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10 Blogger Must-Haves under $50

10 April 2014

Sure Fashion Bloggers have great clothes and accessories, after all it accounts for most of the job. However, the other side of the camera holds a whole lot more when it comes to creating and sharing. 

There's photo storage, desk essentials and phone accessories to keep things fun and stylish - on or off the clock. So with that being said, I'm sharing my favorite must haves under $50 for the fashion blogger in you...

1. Writing Tools  
You never know when you're going to need to write something down so why not do it colorfully? I've had an obsession with colored ink since the early days of middle school. // Pilot Erasable Gel Pens 7ct., $17.09 

2. Stylish Coffee Mugs
 Like flowers, a cheery coffee mug (preferably filled with a latte) keeps things productive and pretty on the work front...// P.J. Salvage Lips Mugs, $14

3. Instagram Ready Apps 
Since photo editing tools aren't just reserved for the computer, we have to now creative ways to make pictures pop for social sharing straight from your phone. // A Beautiful Mess (Apple / Android), $1 

4. Quirky Desk Accessories
Forget bobble heads & novelty tape dispensers, or laying your phone flat on the desk for that matter. This shoe phone holder will steal the show and keep your phone propped and ready for action. //Pumped Up Phone Stand, $5

5. Chic Phone Cases
If you're going to have to protect that (overly) expensive smartphone you might as well have a chic cover to do so. // Cell Phone Covers - iphone/Samsung

6. Printed Throw Pillows
Whether you're a stripes, polka dot or ikat gal, printed pillows have made a place for themselves in every stylish household and office. //Ikea Cushion Covers, $4

7. Wifi Photo Sharing
Who wants to wait until they get home to upload pictures? These days you have to be quick, so why not have a SD card that shares directly from your camera to your phone with the push of a button? It's almost magic. //Eye-Fi Wifi SD Card, $45.99

8. Phone Lens
Forget toting your dlsr around town when you have these fabulous add ons that take your pictures from drab to fab. Just pop them on and snap away. //PhotoJojo Cell Phone Lens Sampler, $49 (I have the MACRO and Fisheye and love them!)

9. Metallic Notebooks
Add just a touch more style to your desk and notes with these perfectly detailed notebooks. // Greenroom Recylced Metallic Spiral Notebooks, $3.99

10. A USB Drive
After being spotted with this undeniably chic usb drive you'll never go back to those office freebies.//Kate Spade Bow USB, $50
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What's In Stores: Kohl's

09 April 2014

It's been ages since my last tripe to Kohl's, so when I popped in last weekend while I was in the neighborhood I realized I may have been missing out. Pretty detailed tops, pleated skirts and playful caught my attention as well as a few structured bags and home goods...

Here's what I spotted...

Color was huge in the hooseware department, which hasn't changed much. Ikat and character mugs were massively on sale as well as some cheery kitchen essentials. Sometimes color makes everything so much better. You almost forget your overspending, almost. 
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