Here's The Best & Most Budget-Friendly Way To Give Your Kitchen A Makeover

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I haven't shown a lot of my kitchen since we moved. I'll be frank, the oddly shaped green tile almost made me pass on the space. If it weren't for the big bay windows, exposed brick and backyard I never would have given this apartment a second thought. I remember seeing the listing and immediately said: no thanks as I clicked past. But after giving it some additional thought I knew that I could easily cover up that dark cave-like vibe in favor of something brighter and more my style with REMOVABLE WALLPAPER. 

Brighten Up Your Living Room with A Warm Pink Hued Paint Color

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Well, it's official, we painted the living room! 

After 6 months of looking at greige-colored walls we finally bit the bullet and got down to giving our walls an enormous glow-up. I couldn't be more thrilled with how it came out: It's warm, it's inviting and changes with the lighting throughout the day.