Vacation Style: Tie-Front Embroidered Jumpsuit

Like most people, I love a good jumpsuit. This cute embroidered number was a last minute addition to my packing list for Florida and I'm so happy I bought it along. It was insanely comfortable and I just felt confident sporting it while we wandered the historic streets of Key West. We stopped in front of this perfect blue garage which we later found out was the old Ford dealership that Hemingway went to pick up his new Roadster. Because his car was still in transit he had to stay in Key West for several weeks, taking residence in an apartment above the showroom. In those weeks of waiting for his new car, Hemingway fell in love with Key West and made it his home...

...I can't say I blame him. It's kind of amazing. 

Vacation Style: Flamingo Dress


When I found this dress while prepping for our trip to The Keys I was had no idea that I would actually be wearing it to meet actual flamingos. One could hope, but once I saw that the Key West Butterfly Conservatory had two resident flamingos I threw this on and RAN to meet them. They didn't want to pose for a picture, however I found this little orange pineapple cottage that made an equally amazing backdrop for this dress. 

Dress Sam Edelman // Shoes H&M // Bag Similar // Sunnies Karen Walker // Earrings Sugarfix

Red Off The Shoulder Cut-Out Dress

I love a good off the shoulder dress. Who doesn't? This version got a little upgrade in the form of a few perfectly placed cutouts that made it the perfect pop of summer while exploring The Keys back in August. From brunch to strolling through the Hemingway property, this little floral number was the perfect companion for my suitcase. Of course my hat made many appearances and was worth every single penny. 

Don't forget your sun protection!

Tropical Vibes: Red Maxi Dress

Guys, I'm not ready to let go of summer.

 1. Because I still haves some left over outfits to share but also, sunshine and vitamin-sea. I just can't shake it and give into all of the fall vibes? Just me? Anyways, so I definitely shot this outfit at the end of July and kept forgetting to post it, but I actually just threw it in my suitcase for Hawaii so I figure it's fitting for the occasion to give it a little post now. Who else loves a good flowing maxi dress? 

Dress ASOS (similar) // Bag Bloomingdales // Scarf (Similar) // Shoes Kevin Smith

14 Of The Best Things To Do In The Florida Keys

Eight days was more than enough time to cover some serious ground in the Florida Keys. As I said before, I highly recommend that if you're going to make the trip, you split your time between The Upper Keys and Key West. You really get the best of both worlds without being too far from each. In the upper Keys you have the opportunity to kick back and relax in relative seclusion. It's far more quiet, spaced out a bit, and is populated more by locals and families. In Key West things are a bit livelier. Cruise lines come in and out practically daily and Duvall Street is always a scene. At night, it's even more so. Both are a must-do, whether it's within one trip or a long weekend here and there. My suggestion: 3-4 days each.

Sweet and Savory Afterschool Snack Skewers

I'm a little embarrassed to say that my post-school snacks aren't always the most-creative- I KNOW! It's nearing the end of the day and my brain is starting to set my sights on dinner, bedtime routines and rallying the troops to do their homework. The last thing I want to do is dive into a huge recipe. I usually hand them a piece of fruit and send them packing. Naturally, they come back asking for additional snacks before the 20 minute mark even hits...

Best Places To Stay In The Florida Keys

If there's one thing I learned during our trip to the Keys, it's that the place makes the experience- the right hotel and/or resort can be the difference between relaxation and stress. When we extended our trip an additional day and moved hotels for our final night, well, it just didn't hold up compared to the first two resorts. It's not that it was a dump or anything, it just didn't match what was really working for us.

Orange One Shoulder Midi Dress

One could say I really loved ORANGE on our trip to The Florida Keys last week. It was such a perfect pop against the amazing tropical plants (and vibrant botanical garden) at our first stop, Kona Kai in Key Largo. Between the festive grass hut and the lush palms I didn't know what to do with my self and all the tropical vibes. I mean, aside from popping open a coconut and sipping it with a straw.  Naturally, you've already see the hat that I wore throughout the week but guys, I have to say this dress came a close second with it's asymmetrical one-shoulder and ruffle hem. It was the perfect package, and for under $30 at Target. 

5 Ways To Make Back-To-School Surprisingly Painless

Let's make a grand understatement and say that being a mom isn't the easiest thing in the world. Add three boys and it can quickly be a recipe for chaos. A good 90% percent of the time I'm chasing one to keep his diaper on, the other to brush his hair and teeth, and then another to do his chores. It's a mixed bag of exhausted and excitement.