Turtlenecks and Pregnancy

14 February 2017

One thing I've learned this pregnancy is that turtlenecks on a pregnant gal can go horribly wrong, REALLY FAST. Honestly, mock necks are probably the way to go to avoid looking like I have six chins or a giant potato for a head. I've taken enough pictures over the last few months to make me never want to wear them again, but alas somehow I still find myself shooting outfits featuring this 'clothing frenemy'. This time around things turned out in the positive for once with this cute little jumper and socks with heels pairing. Now, if it would just stay consistently warm enough to wear this on a regular basis as opposed to like, once a week, I would be set. Thankfully a coat helps me out when I get the occasional chill on my constantly overheated body. I will say one perk of running at abnormally high temperatures is being able to wear bare legged looks like this in 40 degree weather no problem...

Jacket Chicwish, Sweater Banana Republic, Dress Stylewe, Bag H. Butler, Shoes BCBG via DSW, Socks TJMAXX