Kitchen Essential: Brita Stream Pitcher

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brita at Target for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
As if you need another reason to make a Target run this week, the Brita Stream Pitcher just launched and I'm telling you it's earned a spot on your shopping and kitchen essential list. The filter-as-you-pour system makes drinking pitcher-filtered water a breeze. And you don't have to wait for what seems like forever for the water to filter through. Now, you can skip drinking straight from the tap and get water from a BPA-free 10 Cup filtration pitcher 10x faster than other leading pitcher systems. Fill, Pour and Go in an instant. The filter actually helps reduce copper, mercury, cadmium and the dreaded chlorine flavor so it doesn't taste like you're drinking anything other than just great clean water. Yep, I'm one of the weirdos who actually LOVES the taste of water. If only I remembered to drink it more. But that's for another time. 

One of my favorite extra features of the pitcher is the electronic filter-replacement indicator, it lights up and indicates when it's time to change the filter, which, according to the packaging is about 2 months for the average family use (about 40 gallons). It's green when it's at 100% and let's you know when it's getting close to changing time with an orange or red light later on down the road. The filter is super easy to change that honestly even my 5 or 7 year old could do it without a problem. Just press the filter in the cage until it clicks and voila! It's installed.
Now that the pitcher doesn't need the top reservoir space, it makes for a compact, small-fridge friendly essential- it even fits on the door. The controlled pour top makes it super user friendly when it comes to filling up gym bottles, ice cube trays and our French press (yep, now our coffee gets the special, filtered-water treatment). 

With a $29.99 price tag it's not a huge splurge, especially when we find ourselves dropping a couple hundred dollars on routine toilet paper runs at Target. Or is that just me? I mean, I totally had to have those side tables on my last trip (you know, to put the toilet paper in). It's never just one thing, and we all fall victim to it.

So, do I think the $29.99 for the water filtration pitcher is worth it? I think so and I'm tempted to buy another one just for backup. Aside from the grey, it also comes in a cute turquoise color so I'm pretty sure I need that brightening up my fridge and countertop. I mean, it also doesn't hurt that the replacement filters for the Brita Stream Pitcher run about $16 for a pack of 3 (6 months), which is actually pretty reasonable and cost efficient especially when talking about replacement filter expenses. I remember paying upwards of $50, years back for a replacement on a previous fridge water system that needed to be changed at about the same time, so this is for sure a steal when put in comparison. 

Who else is all about filtered water pitchers? Go ahead, check out the Brita Stream Pitcher, now Available at Target.

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Floral Maxi + Suede Boots Bump Style

Let's talk about these Matt Bernson boots again. I'm seriously loving the grey suede and cylinder stacked heel....

It doesn't hurt that I've been able to wear them on both 40 degree and 60 degree weather days. I also can't resist wearing them with maxis with a little leg action. Sadly, this particular maxi is now sold out but I shared a ton more at the bottom of the post, all of which are under $100 and seriously gorgeous (I may or may not have picked up a few of my own). Spring ready, right here. 

Any who, I'm all for the cheerful ditsy floral print with an extra pop of color from my new obsession, Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Color in Orchid Shock. Best.lip.color.ever.

Dress Banana Republic, Boots Matt Bernson, Bag Gigi New York
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Black and Brown Bump Style

It seems silly to think that just a week or so ago I was sporting loads of layers and fur for fashion week's frigid temperatures. Now, it's nearly 60 degrees and I was out yesterday wearing a t-shirt dress. February, you crazy. 

Anyhow, back to this get up. I tweaked it a tiny bit from how I actually wore it to shows during the blizzard, swapping out the boots for heels and ditching the extra layers under the dress. I REALLY love this lettuce hem detail on this body con number from ASOS (it's currently on sale for $20!). It kind of makes the whole dress if you ask me. Throw on a little fur and a contrasting suede(tte) jacket and voila, a winter favorite perfectly styled for fashion week events for a mama-to-be. 

Dress ASOS, Jacket Zappos, Shoes DSW, Bag H.Butler, Hat Vintage
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3 Skincare Routine Essentials Under $100

Now that 30 has officially arrived and I'm starting to see the first signs of aging I've gotten way more serious about my skincare routine than I previously was. Not, that I was slacking I just wasn't using a handful of products every morning and night. Now, it's about fine tuning my routine to things that I actually need at this point like, hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid. I'm basically obsessed with all things glycolic, it's the only thing that keeps breakouts at bay on my troublesome skin (especially during pregnancy; yes it's pregnancy safe). Hyaluronic is great for hydrating my skin, particularly in the wintertime. Personally I look for those ingredients paired with more natural ingredients and sans parabens and synthetics. Most recently I was introduced and immediately became obsessed with the M-61 skincare line. It is amazing. While it's nearly impossible to play favorites I was able to narrow it down to three essentials that I officially can't live without. All are under $100 and can be shopped at BlueMercury.

PowerGlow Peel, $28 for 10 Treatments

Pregnancy Staple: Little Black Tank Dress

If you've been experiencing the freak weather patterns this winter you're not going to be even slightly surprised by the fact that I was able to get away with wearing a tank dress on Sunday. A TANK DRESS! Sure, I threw on a suede (super colorful) topper courtesy of BlankNYC but hello, tank dress!     It was kind of amazing to spend the day at the park without having to deal with a load of layers in mid-February. 

Now, let's talk about the dress that got all those exclamations. If there's one piece that you need while sporting a bump it's a little black dress, particularly this Ingrid and Isabel ruched tank dress (for under $100). Have enough black? Worry not, the dress comes in 6 colors. Dress it up for a glam night on the town or go casual with leather slip ons and a bold lip....

This Week - Fashion Week Roundup

This month has just flown by and I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that it's already the 20th. Like how? Anyways...  Technically, this is two "This Week's" in one, but it mostly is fashion week-based, I think. So, we're going to start when Fashion Week began on the 9th and move on from there (don't worry there's a lot blank spaces in between then and now). 

Since the week and actual day started off with a blizzard, heading downtown wasn't my top priority until the snow at least slowed down a little it bit. So, I held off until around the end of the day to catch shows and it was pretty worth it. 

Tadashi Shoji was 100% my favorite show. I mean, who can resist the colorful 70's vibes he sent down the runway? Not me! I'm actually kinda giddy that I get another season inspired by the 70's to kick it in style. Also, I basically need everything from this show. 

Noon By Noor is usually one of my favorites, but perhaps it was on the heels of the colorful looks from Tadashi that left me wanting more. Don't get me wrong: their style is flawless and the textures were totally on point, but the sea of camel just wasn't for me.

The next morning, I headed into Bollare to pick up some goodies from their lounge (most of which won't see the light of day until this bump is gone) but at least I'll have something to look forward to post-baby.
 Obsessed with these Sunday Somewhere shades!

I kicked off the weekend at the ShopStyle Social House with Jackie, Jenna, Gita, Aileen, and Sabrina. We spent a good few hours catching up, drinking green juice (they had champs) and taking tons of pictures and boomerangs for Insta-stories. 

Finally after getting hungry, Jackie and I headed off to The Meatball Shop (my first time!) and indulged in some seriously delicious meatballs. 

We snapped off some outfit pictures before heading to meet the gals for drinks and this amazing group shot!

After Saturday's festivities, I sat out the rest of fashion week with the exception of an appointment here and there. One not-to-miss appointment was at Amika- because who turns down a good blowout? Especially when Clueless is on...

Valentine's was super sweet, thanks to Bliss and Baker's goodies - so nom!

Finally, I ended the week with modeling at the Bumble and Bumble #maneaddicts show. I basically want my hair to look like this ALWAYS. I'm all about this 40's retro style by Laurent Philippon.