This Week

19 April 2015

70˚ degrees and sunny! Hello beautiful Spring. I'm already starting to see fresh blooms in the park and the tree across the street is in full yellow blooms! Hooray, winter is finally OVER. While I spent most of the week running around town getting things ready for my mom coming on Tuesday, I did have a moment to treat myself to a little retail therapy while out and about. You already spotted one of my new finds here (along with my new do') and you'll see the other Emilio Pucci inspired find tomorrow. 

Added a few blooms to the desk to brighten things up...

{Trader Joe's for the win.}

And snacked on my newest addiction, Pasta Chips. My favorite is Alfredo. If you haven't tried them yet, you need to!

Also, it would seem that Charlie found a new bestie...