Beauty Break: Sassoon Salon

25 August 2014

I’ve always felt like my hair was kind of my thing. The messy, almost unruly waves have always gone hand in hand with my eclectic stylings. But since moving back to New York I’ve definitely found myself playing with new styles and textures, to refine my style. So, when Sassoon invited me to the salon last week for a cut and blowout with one of their greats there was no way could I pass up the amazing opportunity. I almost couldn’t wait to sit in the chair and watch Martyn (a Senior Creative Director who has been with Sassoon for over 30 years!) work his magic, obviously I gave him free range to do whatever he wanted and knew it would be perfect.

After a good wash and treatment (and a quick sip of Prosecco, naturally), I sat down in the chair and we discussed length, I was pretty much ready to part with a good chunk, so off went 4’’.  After, he tailored each layer perfectly to my bone structure and a face shape, giving my haircut just the right amount of personalization. Finally, switching things up with a sleek and straight blow out to show off each layer. I obviously loved it, and it’s just as great when my waves are in full spring. It looks like I just found a new home at Sassoon. (psst. you wont believe how reasonable their prices are with cuts starting at $98, and color at $90 - which is pretty unbelievable for city prices.)
I also got a sneak peek at the Autumn Winter 2014 Optica collection that releases next month with a series of iconic looks that emulate Sassoon’s technique. The collection embraces elegant androgyny while incorporating dimensions through light, depth and shadow in the cuts, colors and styling. It’s stunning to say the least, and almost makes me want to go back and hack off another 6 inches of hair...

Check it out...
This post has been brought to you by Sassoon, as always all opinions are 100% my own.