Beauty Favorite: NYX COSMETICS HD Photo Concealer

03 June 2014

I'm hardly a beauty guru, I mainly stick to my essentials and rarely get too crazy when it comes to makeup. However, there's one item that I never leave home without and it's my NYX COSMETICS Hi Definition Photo Concealer. I stumbled upon it a little over a year ago while browsing Ulta, and noted that it was paraben free and well, under $5. So what reason did I have to not snap it up? I took it home, gave it a whirl and was pretty enthusiastic with the results. Now, I don't have too much to hide in the under eye department but boy does this baby brighten and lift, which makes a world of difference. Since switching over, I've found unimpressed with other more expensive concealers and insist on using this on just about everything, even my token blemish(es) every now and then...

(Absolute) Best beauty buy under $5? Yeah, it definitely is.