Beauty Under $5

09 July 2013

Beauty doesn't always have to be splurge, some of the best beauty product I own were actually $10 or under. And I know most of us love perusing the beauty aisle while we're strolling around our achilles heel (aka Target), how can we not be tempted to just 'look'. Well I've rounded up some of my favorite finds $5 and under for those days where we just have to get something without ringing up our bill to $200..
under $5 beauty

One swipe application for lasting color, perfect for on the go and storing in your purse!
I love these colors, they not only have great hues and dry super quick but they make me nostalgic for NYC
Polka Dots in a bottle? Enough said...
This color for summer, yes please! Another store in your purse favorite.
Love these, and they're perfect for travel or that 'overnighter'...
More middle school nostalgia, and they feel great! Grab a few 'flavors' for Girls Night In...
Matchstick, ombre, emory boards - so cute! Perfect for gifting...
Another summer purse essential.
Bobby Pins, $1 .89
Raise your hand if you have a million of these in unknown areas of your house, car and purses. I recently just found a handful in a jacket pocket, and I'm embarrassed to say I sometimes 'find' them in my hair during washes, missed one, oops.